13 Responses to “Cat Cuddles with Sleepy Dog”

  1. siew eng says:

    that cat is too much!

  2. Shelley says:

    Cats are so loving.

  3. Saskia Tanya says:

    hehehe, he’s soo in love with that puppy!

  4. AngeliqueS says:


  5. Maysoun says:


  6. Shelly Lyon says:

    My dogs and cats love a good cuddle!

  7. pumbie says:

    Kitty is more “active” than doggie:)What a sweet couple!.

  8. Enchntress says:

    Sooo sweet!! You can tell Stewart is purring away by the way he’s breathing. Hope Myrtle shows affection back to Stewart. <3

  9. C says:

    So precious! As tightly curled as Myrtle was, Stewart is almost just as big in all his fluffy glory! =^..^=

  10. KellyAnne says:

    Too adorable. I love pets who love each other!

  11. sabi says:

    How sweet!

  12. Anna says:

    Cannot believe how adorable they are!

  13. Leigh says:

    He wants a little TLC from that puppy!!!

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