Nikita The Rescue Kitten

She is a little survivor who was left by the cat mama, but found by a couple who took her in and became her new parents.

They named her Nikita.

Watch her in action:

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30 Responses to “Nikita The Rescue Kitten”

  1. Maysoun says:

    some1 is veryyyyyyy hungry

  2. abifrey says:

    Know what happens when you raise a tiny kitten by hand? A bond beyond words. You are no longer a human, you are another kitty ☺

  3. dinah says:

    sooo sweet..

  4. Barbara says:

    She is gorgeous.

  5. Starr says:

    You are so awesome for taking this little kitty in your home and obviously showering Nikita with love. What a lucky kitty.

  6. Blue Wolf says:

    oh she is sooo cute!

  7. Kathy says:

    My precious baby Abby was raised by hand by some very kind and loving people after the mother cat disappeared. Mother cat did not abandon Abby and her siblings. The people said that the mother left for a short time and perhaps was killed or got lost. The kittens were just 2 weeks old. They were bottled fed until they started eating on their own. I got Abby at 5 weeks. She thinks of me as her mommy ( and I am), and we are very bonded with each other. Her full name is Abby Rose Treasure

  8. Carol says:

    Yes, bottle feeding a kitten really does build a great bond. I have 2 that I bottle fed (there were 3 but one didn’t make it. They really do think I’m their momma, and they’re like my children! Such innocent trusting little creatures!

  9. I am so in love with that little face.

  10. JustBecky says:

    Oh my goodness! Did you hear that tiny baby kitten purr? And that tiny baby kitten mew? I just died of cute overload!

  11. Krzysztof says:

    Hello. I am the owner of this kitten and his older “brother” BoBo.
    First of all – thanks for the mention and post on Love Meow. Second – now we know that Nikita is a boy. I forgot to change info about gender of this kitten (we were not sure about this for a long time).
    Now he’s bigger and stronger and we are happy that everything went well.
    We (me & my fiance) wish luck to the other people who resuce and adopt kittens.

  12. pumbie says:

    Yes, Nikita is also a treasure, ¡qué bonita!!.

  13. katie k says:

    She is PRICELESS!

  14. vickie says:

    Little angel…I bottle fed several.I kept all of them except one B/C I knew the woman would give him a good home plus she had 2 other cats.It’s a wonderful experience to see them thrive because of your care…changes your life.

  15. rezgirl says:

    OMG!! This is SO cute that it gave me cavaties :-)
    I nearly melted when I heard the purring and the little bitty baby meow squeak. It reminds me of my 16 month old cat when he was tiny like Nikita. When he was not sure of things he would start backing-up. So hilarious!!!
    Hand raising a bitty baby kitten is SO rewarding and makes your heart feel good. Njoy your little baby.

  16. C says:

    She is so cute! And her big old purring and her little squeaks are so precious!

  17. Lauren says:

    God bless you for taking in this adorable, precious little kitten! She is so sweet and playful! You are a hero for saving her life.

    My kitty (dearly-departed in 2006, but lived for 14 years)was a stray kitten, too. Oh, the memories…she was a kitten and I was only four years old…we grew up together…

    Anyway, back to the present. I just had to go “Awwww!” when little Nikita purred and squeaked! <3 The sounds kittens make are just so cute!

  18. Jeff says:

    She is such a cutey! Kittens are so cute when they are just learning to walk and play fight at the same time….if they could only stay this small 😉

  19. vicky says:

    what a beauty!

  20. vicky says:

    she’s the sweetest baby

  21. Tina1649 says:


  22. Susan A. says:

    Oh Nikita, you remind me so much of my Neko-Chan-Found in March 2011 at my church-fell through the wall to the trim, abandoned and ready for a bottle-he has such an attitude but is my baby and he knows it!
    So spoilt-and loved…..

  23. monica says:

    OMG!!! The shots of her suckling while her little arms are reachin gout are just too precious!! God Bless the couple that saved her !! Here we go again!! cuteness overload attack!!!!

  24. Rai says:

    what a sweetheart :) <3

  25. Cattywumpus says:

    such a cutie – I love his stubby little legs – MAJOR CUTE!!

  26. VJ says:

    Bless you for saving this little precious wonder!!

  27. Annie says:

    Sooo cute 😀 <3

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