Kitten Adopted by Cat, Chronicle of Their Friendship

When the little grey and white kitten came to his new home, a ginger cat came over and adopted the little kitten as his own. This is their story, their friendship and their unbreakable bond.

When they first met, Ginger cat took to the little furball like a parent.

chronicle of two best cat friends

He watches the kitten play

chronicle of two best cat friends

Grooms the kitten after every meal…

chronicle of two best cat friends

Even when the kitty becomes a teenager, something doesn’t change.

chronicle of two best cat friends

When kitty gets silly, ginger cat watches over him and his antics.

chronicle of two best cat friends

After a long day of playing, ginger cat comes over for a grooming session.

chronicle of two best cat friends

They nap together

chronicle of two best cat friends

Eat together

chronicle of two best cat friends

chronicle of two best cat friends

Watch cat tv by the window together

chronicle of two best cat friends

When they met…

chronicle of two best cat friends

Best friends

chronicle of two best cat friends

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32 Responses to “Kitten Adopted by Cat, Chronicle of Their Friendship”

  1. OMCC, the cuteness is too much. LOL GREAT story.

  2. Maysoun says:


  3. James says:

    very handsome kitties :-) look like they’d be a fantastic snuggle!!

  4. KateM says:

    I like the pictures of them from behind; their colors and patterns are oddly complementary. And I’m so glad they have each other for love and caring. May they share many healthy, happy years together.

  5. Maggi says:

    What wonderful friends. Our older female Brandy adopted the pair of brothers we brought home. She loves them in the same way.

  6. Kate says:

    They look like brothers! So cute :)

  7. caturday says:

    this is great great heart is melting

  8. Cattywumpus says:

    Love their markings!

  9. Lauren Patrick says:

    beautiful story..I didn’t know they boy kitties cared about kittens so much :)

  10. Shelley says:


  11. nolruck says:

    so lovely, they’ve got a best friends each other…sometime i think it luckily than some people

  12. RonChang says:

    I wish my cats got along that well! I brought home a baby Scottish Fold to keep my 1 year old shorthair tabby entertained, but he always abuses her! It’s been over a year, and he keeps biting her until she cries out and I have to rescue her. I keep them in separate rooms now, but it’s nice to see 2 other cats be so nice to one another!

    • Debra Olsen says:

      I have a new rescue addition to my three (from the street across the way.) Iv’e had her for about four months now & she remains terrified & hostile to the two girls. (She did sustain two nasty head bites in a scuffle or two since she came front paw declawed.) Still, it’s hard to tell which ones start the skirmishes. I too, always have to be on the lookout & keep them separated unless I am right there. The new little one may have been abused since she cowered whenever I tried to touch her with my hand from above or moved too quickly. She was also severely malnourished & dehydrated when the neighbor who had been feeding her only dog food & milk (which gave her diarrhea, thereby adding to her dehydration.) She is physically healthier now ~ the diarrhea stopped as soon as she had enough water to replace the milk. She has bonded to me since I am the one able to give her the time & attention she needed, but she growls viscously at the girls, especially my all black one. A horrible cat fight will ensue if I am not there to intervene. She is very sweet with me now, purring loudly & running to me for protection. (Well actually, she is hardly ever out of my sight & sticks to me like glue.) I am determined to keep her but it is not easy. It looks like abuse when if a cat fight starts but it is hard to tell…which came first ~ the chicken or the egg! Any advice? Anyone??? :-)

      • Debra Olsen says:

        PS The “girls” both have all intact claws. The boy is a large stray Tom that I rescued years ago. He is diabetic & largely just watches all the activity from a distance. I no longer believe in declawing so that is not an option for the two girls. What to do????

  13. pumbie says:

    What a lovely friendship!. Kitty, as a teenager, was really precious!:)

  14. Lita says:

    this melt my heart <3

  15. Ellinor says:

    Cutie pies

  16. Lauren says:

    Beautiful markings, beautiful story! <3

  17. Debra says:

    What a beautiful story !!

  18. nana says:

    my gosh…i am so in love with them!

  19. francesca says:

    so sweeet love when kitties are “adopted “by others

  20. Debra Olsen says:

    What a couple of honey bunnies! (Heart) :-)

  21. leoMoon says:

    It you gonna to have a cat, you need to have two.

  22. Iffat says:

    Sweet friends!

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