Stray Cat from Middle East Adopted by US Army

This kitty is very special. He used to be a stray cat living in the outdoors of the middle east until he was taken in, and now he’s a “working cat” who helps the troops take the rat issue under control and provides that sense of home to the soldiers deployed.

Reddit user eppemsk (who is from the army) was taking a break with the cat when the picture was taken. “Apparently they authorize working cats to catch mice and rats. It’s unspecific for a reason. I’m still deployed… one of my soldiers took the picture while I was asleep.”

Many people who know some of the military rules are surprised to see this. “We were just as surprised as you to find out that you can have ‘pets’. This was a stray cat that some soldiers found… Someone took him to the vet and got him vaccinated, neutered, and chipped. He is now officially a military working animal and is registered as a PFC (Private First Class).”

 Soldier taking a nap with their mouser cat

soldier napping with working cat in middle east

soldier napping with working cat in middle east

We got an update from Kevin (eppemsk):

“So I got a lot of emails asking for more information on the Army cat. We decided to release his name, hopefully his undercover operations infiltrating the local Rodent Terrorist Cell isn’t compromised. His name is PFC Bartholomew. I did not find him. I support another unit and their Lieutenant found him on Christmas Eve and realized how much the soldiers would love having a cat. He took him to a vet and had had him vaccinated, neutered, a chip put in, and his ear notched so people would know he was safe. Shortly after all this he was returned to our “site” at which time he moved into my tent. He has already obtained 2 confirmed mice kills but the rat has been evading him for a week. I’ve promised him a membership to the Fish of the Month Club if he kills the rat.”

cute rescue stray cat mouser US army

Reddit user eppemsk.

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45 Responses to “Stray Cat from Middle East Adopted by US Army”

  1. Jill O'C says:

    Yes, this happens quite a bit! With dogs as well! Check out Puppy Rescue Mission. It is a group that works to get troops’ “battle buddies” home when their deployment is up.

  2. Valerie Cantone says:

    What a heartwarming story! All military personnel should be allowed to take in stray cats…they bring such love and a touch of home to the soldiers!!!

  3. Karla says:

    Horray for that kitty! Hopefully he is allowed to come home with his new hooman.

  4. Lori Udenberg says:

    Cats and dogs can good therapy for our soldiers that are missing their pets back home.So many of us have seen reunions after being away from their pets.

  5. Jill says:

    Awww, what a beautiful cat. Thanks for saving her! She even earns her keep mousing!

  6. katie k says:

    Good story,everyone is happy!

  7. C says:

    What a beautiful baby. I’d like submit PFC as Private First Cat! And it doesn’t matter, in Catland, what your nationality is!

  8. Sharon says:

    More of these kitties, and war would be nonexistent.

  9. Carol Ann says:

    Private First Cat, I like that! Thanks to the US Army for giving this kitty a job, so that he could have a home! Looks like a beautiful and happy cat who has settled right in, and I hope that he finds a forever home with one of the soldiers who adopted him!

  10. Linda N. says:

    Awesome! Go Army & cats! <3

  11. Tina1649 says:

    Way cool! I hope he can get ta forever home after his tour of duty.

  12. Christine Aspinall says:

    Great story, beautiful kitty. Love the photos. Hope PFC can come home with his soldiers! <3

  13. valarian says:

    What a great story,,,I hope he gets to go home
    after his tour also!

  14. Winston says:

    Cute… Will he promoted to corporal soon? :))

  15. Koala says:

    I just LOVE this! And like everyone, hopes he’ll be able to come stateside. <3

  16. Alex says:

    Puppy Rescue Mission or Nowzad Dogs can help get the kitty home because I don’t think the Army will. You can find them on FB.

  17. KateM says:

    I agree with all the other kind-hearted posters above — I’m glad the soldiers are taking good care of this kitty, and that the Army makes it easy for them to take home as many dogs and cats as they can from the war zone.

  18. anne smith says:

    I also agree with the other comments,its a very nice story :0)

  19. vickie says:

    ThankGod cats are being saved,too…that soldier is a lucky guy…i hope he can bring it home

  20. pumbie says:

    “In the Navy”, ta-ra-ra;ta-ra-ra…

  21. Tim Fredrikson says:

    This is truly a heartwarming story! This is the kind of story that the media will ignore, because it is just to “nice”, & not sensational enough!! The fact that soldiers are truly kind-hearted, & will take in stray animals has been happening throughout history!! An animal around whatever quarters in which a soldier may stay, makes it feel just a little more like … HOME!!

  22. chris says:

    so sweet! as long as kitty isn’t left behind

  23. Cindy Jackson says:


  24. Andy says:

    Nothing like the love animals give us :)

  25. Ann says:

    Hooray for Pvt. Mouser and his unit!

  26. Ben says:

    The gentlemen in the picture is my long life friend of about 24 years. The cat’s name is Private First Class Bartholomew, they call it Babou for short. I sent him the link about the battle buddies, thanks for the tip.

    My friend has been on his second deployment for close to a year and will be coming home soon.

    • Elsie31410 says:

      Thank you kind soldier for rescuing this cat and had him vaccinated. I hope someone will give him a good home and a loving family in the US. Stay safe and alert out there. God bless!

  27. Ingrid says:

    I like! :)

  28. Jennifer says:

    OMG..heart melt. :)

  29. dinah says:

    beautiful cat and beautiful soldiers..god watch over them and their cat.

  30. Angela says:

    Both are cute ; )

  31. Deb says:

    Hopefully that kitty will be able to “retire” and come home with her favorite rescue hooman. I shudder to think of her fate when all of our troops have departed.

  32. Amanda Marie says:

    If you want to help bring animals home, found by soldiers in the Middle East, go here:

    Money, food, vets, and vet supplies are all needed.

  33. Amanda Marie says:

    If you want to help bring animals home, found by soldiers in the Middle East, go here:

    Money, food, vets, and vet supplies are all needed.

  34. Melissa says:

    Sadly, not all FOBs are allowed to have either cats OR dogs/pups on them. Many are hidden because they are not allowed. That’s a big focus of Puppy Rescue Mission and Nowzad. Please go to their websites and check them out. They could really use some help.

  35. Allen A. says:

    I read all 34 responses regarding PFC mouser and am in total agreement with such humanitarian kindness expressed. The picture is a perfect example of the values and standards of the U.S.

    I read all 34 responses to the PFC Mouser on duty with the soldier, and heartily agree with the kindness and humanitarian attitudes expressed. These reflect the values of the U.S. Army personnel, and that of the other branches as well. Such feelings I certainly relate to. As a retired U.S. Army officer with 29 years of service as well as a widower of three years, I am fortunate to know the love and companionship of a furry friend, and this includes my companion cat, a 15 lb. Tabby with Bobcat markings.

  36. vonneybeth says:

    How lovely.

  37. Linda says:

    Yeah, I used to put packets of cat treats in boxes for soldiers so happy that the working furkids get to do their jobs with the other soldiers!

  38. Debra says:

    Such a beautiful story.

  39. Iffat says:

    Such an adorable & heartwarming story. Thank you for giving him a job & so much love!

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