Cat Feeds Dog – And Feeds and Feeds and Feeds

It was a mystery why the dog in the family kept putting on weight until they discovered their cat Meggie who had been feeding the dog.

“We wondered why Molly the dog is getting fat when we so carefully monitor what she eats. Then we discovered she has a partner in crime.”

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26 Responses to “Cat Feeds Dog – And Feeds and Feeds and Feeds”

  1. Blue Wolf says:

    That is so funny! Love the the little swat to the floor. haha!

  2. Sweet says:

    Cat likes to knock the cookie off the counter and dog likes to eat. Win win!

  3. Angela says:

    Perfect example of teamwork.

  4. beckyl says:

    quite the duo

  5. Denise says:

    so funny

  6. Rizka says:

    OMG I’m amazed! What a duo!

  7. Fernanda says:

    hahaha great video

  8. Ingrid says:

    Ahaha! Great! I’m wondering whether the cat pulls the treats for herself and can’t eat them so she keeps on pulling out treat after treat :)

    • kathy says:

      I also was Wondering that. we will Never Know, so I am going with the Kitty was wanting and Liking to HELP Her Canine Friend to Have some Treats on her !
      & what a BEAUTIFUL Kitty Cat, Eh

  9. Regina says:

    the cat likes to play and the dog likes to eat. What a way to go!

  10. Debra says:

    What a great team of fun!

  11. Barbara says:

    That’s the perfect team. One likes to knock the cookie off and the other likes to eat. Of course the cat might want one for herself. Love the way she just knocks the cookies off the counter.

  12. Mimi's Mom says:

    It reminds of my Mimi who played with my husband’s chess pieces like these cookies. He knocked them down the chess board and swatted them around the room until they disappeared under the sofa. Not until one day my husband wanted to play the chess did we notice that it’s empty!

  13. Tucker says:



  14. Druscilla says:

    Loooool! That’s just adorable 😀

  15. Sue says:

    LOL! too funny!

  16. Iffat says:

    That is one smart (& naughty) cat!

  17. Pam says:

    That’s what you call a “Best Friend” lol

  18. Carol says:

    Also love how Molly takes each piece to the rug to eat it!

    I had a cat named Meggie… Solid black and lived to be 15. She was a sweet girl!

  19. katie k says:

    What a great friend to take care of her buddy and not take any for herself!

  20. Eve says:

    “Thumbs? Who needs thumbs?” LOL, awesome.

  21. Debra Olsen says:

    LOL LOL LOL…I do not have a dog currently, but one of my cats will go from one thing to another knocking things off a dresser or counter or whatever until I get up to feed her or let her into another room, etc. So funny…thanks for the laugh ~ I needed it! :-)

  22. Debbie Johnson says:

    Cats never cease to amaze me with their cleverness! Currently I have 3 and a granddog. The poor dog thinks he is a cat! I never know who is responsible for all the stuff that gets on the floor and both the cats and dog stash treats in the most unlikely places. Pets are a priviledge and never cease to make me laugh!!
    These 2 are a great example of mischief and a brilliant crime duo!!!!

  23. angel says:

    lol. wonderful pair.

  24. kiki says:

    Thats how she entertain herself lol

  25. carole says:

    just like a cat make the dog fat

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