Cat Loves Baby

This kitty adores its little human friend. They are going to be best friends for life!

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12 Responses to “Cat Loves Baby”

  1. Rai says:

    Oh cute both of them :)

  2. dinah says:

    lol that was so cute,but i can imagine the hair in that babies mouth..cats are good around kids.

  3. Tina Stockton says:

    How sweet!

  4. vonneybeth says:

    It looks like the kitty was trying to give petting lessons. :)

  5. c says:

    That was so sweet I could just eat them up!!

  6. Amparo says:

    This is one of the most cutest and beautiful videos i ever seen.

  7. LeoMoon says:

    Song by the Ronnetts would go well to this video. “Baby I Love You.”

  8. carole says:

    my cat was like that with my grandson

  9. Lashantina says:

    the problem with babies is that they are all wet and sticky – yuck :) poor cat :)

  10. Jennifer says:

    love this so much!

  11. Iffat says:

    My heart just melted…

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