Abandoned Kitten Strays Into The Hearts Of Climbers

A tiny abandoned kitten strayed into the hearts of a group of climbers. “Meet Red, a stray we found in a gravel parking lot at Muir Valley, Red River Gorge, Kentucky. He adopted us by following us for half a mile through the woods,” said Eric C.

“He followed us the whole way from the parking lot at Muir down the trail to Tectonic Wall, and stayed at the crag with us all day. We couldn’t leave him,” Jennifer S. said.

Red is quite a hiker. He tagged along with his human friends he just met when they were hiking up the hill. When the kitty didn’t feel like walking, he wasn’t shy to ask for assistance. “He rode on my shoulders or backpack, but insisted I hunch over. He’d sleep in my helmet, but didn’t like being carried in it as much. What worked best was letting him sleep in our jackets, with a strap around the bottom so he wouldn’t fall out,” Eric added.

They fell in love with the little unexpected furry friend. When they were leaving that day, they went home with a new addition. “I may have adopted a kitten or a kitten may have adopted me,” Eric wrote.

A tiny abandoned kitten found a group of climbers at Red River Gorge, Kentucky. “He adopted us by following us for half a mile through the woods.” They named him Red.

black kitten adopts climbers

When Red wanted some rest, he wasn’t shy to ask for assistance. “He rode on my shoulders or backpack, but insisted I hunch over.”

black kitten adopts climbers

“You are my human now!”

black kitten adopts climbers

 He discovered their helmet. It’s a perfect fit!

black kitten adopts climbers

Red snuggled into Eric’s jacket, ready for a nap.

black kitten adopts climbers

 They fell in love with the little unexpected furry friend.

black kitten adopts climbers

“I may have adopted a kitten or a kitten may have adopted me.”

black kitten adopts climbers

 Much bigger now. Red is the boss in the house.

cat rescued by climbers

Photos courtesy of Jennifer S. and Eric C. Thank you for saving Red!

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28 Responses to “Abandoned Kitten Strays Into The Hearts Of Climbers”

  1. Cheri Gaston says:

    You are very privileged to have been adopted by this baby! Shows you are a wonderful person. You will never regret this relationship!

  2. Bessy V says:

    Awww this is so sweet, please take care of Red, she seems that she needs you so much. God works in mysterious ways.

    God bless you

  3. Shelly says:

    Yep, he claimed his new owner. Too cute for words. I’m glad you didn’t argue with him, and took him home.

  4. Steve Williams says:

    Bless your heart guys .Thats awesome at its best.Way to have a heart

  5. Linden says:

    Great story! I love the trust the kitten has in it’s eyes when he looks at his hooman.

  6. Karen says:

    Who adopted who is always the question but this looks like a purrfect family was made. Bless all of you!

  7. vv says:


  8. Alma says:

    Omg so cute. Thank u for taking that cutiepie with u and saving his life. Wish i could give u a hug.

  9. Leigh says:

    Love a man who loves a cat!

  10. Cricket says:

    I love this story, what a lil trooper and so smart. And he is beautiful.
    Thank you for saving him! ❤️

  11. vonneybeth says:

    That is wonderful!

  12. beckyl says:

    awesome!!!!! love this story and that cat is ADORABLE

  13. Andrea W says:

    Marvelous story! Some things are just meant to be.

  14. Natasha says:

    Awww its quite obvious this kitty adores his new human…

  15. Gen13 says:

    Hero. God bless you for having such a Big heart.

  16. Melanie says:

    This is the sweetest thing. Lots of love to Eric, Jennifer and Red.

  17. Kate says:

    Kitties pick their parents. Red will bring you lots of love and companionship. I have had several rescue cats and I have loved them all (have three right now).
    I agree, a cat loving man is a keeper!!

    • lisa otto says:

      I rescued a black cat from the shelter ,
      He was stuck in a cage in the hallway for
      8 months , he is the sweetest most loving
      Kitty ever ! We love him to to pieces !

  18. beckyl says:

    love it!

  19. Not such an obvious name so you’ll have to tell the story everytime!

    All my cats have been black. So precious. Bless both of you! All of you, actually.

  20. Helen says:

    Wonderful story!! So happy for this kitty. I have also been adopted by some strays. Have four right now, but have another couple that comes around each evening for a meal. It is wonderful to save and be blessed by these precious animals. So happy for this beautiful kitty. He really bonded with this guy. Very loving kitty!!

  21. Cindy Jackson says:

    That is AWESOME! Glad you as a MAN loves this baby kitten. I could never understand how anyone couldn’t love cats & it makes my day when men do. Thank you for saving this precious baby.

  22. pumbie says:

    Oh, your lucky: Red is really cute and his look is intelligent; yes, I think they decide always, so he adopted you:)

  23. cindy says:

    Thank You for saving this kitty! You are a awesome guy. Poor lonely cat was just looking for a new home, you came along at the right time. Thank you for having compassion!

  24. Susan says:

    What a wonderful experience!

  25. Dora says:

    God does work in mysterious way,for Red he was truly blessed and thank you for saving him, he will be happy and he will show you his gratitude in ways that just shows you joy.

  26. c says:

    Sweet story, kitten, and humans!

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