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  • Meow Family
    • Three furry Love Meow kitties blog about their daily stories and sharing their feline secrets :).
  • 3 Cat Blog
    • We’re 3 cats and we have a blog!  And we live with 3 birds and 1 human.
  • A Cat in A Sea of Dogs
    • A rather new blog about cats and elevating their status in America! The blog posts are all about current cat things and talk about cat facts except for the weekly one that talks about CATalyst Council and stuff being done for the greater cause.
  • A Life Bewhiskered
    • Observations of a cat owner: A blog of original photos, stories and cartoons featuring Spock and Zé.
  • All About Cats
    • All about cats! Everything interesting about our beloved felines.
  • Alley Cat Rescue
    • A young woman’s attempt to rescue the kitties in her alley.  From rescue to trap neuter release.  Lots of cute kitten pictures and wonderful stories and trials as she helps these strays live a better life.
  • Amy & The House of Cats
    • I started it as a way to let the nurses at our vets keep up with our (at the time) new kitten Virgil (who was 4 weeks at the time). It evolved into much more, especially when we got our newest kitten, Barney, and when we were going through our oldest cats illness and passing.
  • Ask Fisher
    • – Fisher is a cat who loves to give advice to other animals. She is published in the paper every other week which is a very big deal for her. She adds a little to her advice and always gives the beans something to thing about or act upon.
  • Call Me the Breeze
    • I am a black cat.  I live wif two hoomans and two grumpy old sisfurcats. I like to DJ at pawpawty to help dem shelter kittehs.
  • Cat Art Hawaii
    • My blog is about my watercolor cat paintings, my own cats, snorkeling and other things I enjoy living here in Hawaii.
  • Cat Blogosphere
  • Cats Protection Volunteer Everyday Ramblings
  • Cat to Self: The Conversation
    • The conversation between Cat and human. Cat Bugs says: “It’s a philosophical action-adventure nature-documentary romance-type-thing.” A purr-ennial favorite includes “Strange Cat-Person Items.”
  • Cat Wisdom 101
    • Our mandate is to enlighten & entertain cat lovers every where. We are a mix of feline humor, award-winning photography, vet 101 advice and cat behavior articles.
  • Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider
    • A bohemian cat blogs from his Hollywood Boulevard apartment. Cokie is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Anipal Times.
  • Crazy Cat Lady Charm
    • We are a multiple cat family- 4 rescue kitties and 4 Maine Coon Cats= 8GR8CATS in all.  My cats are my solution to empty nest syndrome or middle-age crisis!  Our blog has daily posts of all the fun and love that ensues in a multiple cat family.  We are all seniors now- humans and cats!  We’re living and loving out our lives with our cats!
  • CuteStuff.co
  • Daily Mew with the Feline Duo
  • Fostering Kittens
    • I blog about fostering kittens for a charity in England. with pictures! I’ve fostered over 100 kittens and I try to use my blog to help others to see what it’s like to foster kittens and hopefully to encourage more to do it.
  • Furry Talk
  • Gatti Matti in Italian
    • Relatos, anecdotas, humor , videos, consejos, novedades, todo relacionado con los gatos. (Stories, anecdotes, humor, videos, tips, news, everything related to cats.)
  • HOOTe Cat
    • Videoblogging, contest winning, social networking, youtube actor wanna be. I’m a cat with attitude! Starting a new program in 2010… “HOOTe CAT gives back” wanna help the homeless…
  • House Cat Confidential
    • A humorous look into the life of a suburban housecat.
  • I Have Cat
  • Jemma the Long-Haired Chihuahua & Tofu the Cat
    • A photo-blog detailing the adventures of Tofu the Domestic Shorthair and his Chihuahua sister, Jemma.
  • Journey of Cat in My House
    • A blog about cat in my house. There are many pictures and sometimes tips about cat care.
  • Kittens ‘n Things
    • Things about cats, kittens and their things; toys and other products, cat health, taking care of cats, stories about our four Persians (“The Boys”). Also linked to our kitty store: Itty Bitty Shoppe for Kitty…http://www.ittybittyshoppeforkitty.com
  • Kitty Chat – Milton the Magnificent
    • Miooow, I’m Milton and I live in Glasgow, Scotland with two hapless humans whom I have to help navigate through life. It’s not easy for me.
  • Kitty Stampede
  • Kizzie Cat
    • Paws for thought with your furry friends.
  • Les Chamineries
  • Lily Sassymeow
    • Please follow my cat’s blog it is really cool and interesting, thanks in advance!
  • Meow! It’s my purr-fect world
  • Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat
    • I am Nikita Cat! My Motto is You Giva Me No Trouble, I Giva You No Smack! Creative writing, experiences, observations, and opinions, on life, and the world around him, by an outspoken ManCat taking one step at a time on the Journey of Discovery, and Enlightenment, that comes with having 9 Lives to work with. Blogging since 2002, on my own site since New Year’s Day 2010!
  • My Journey with a Pregnant Foster Cat Named Norma
    • This is my blog about Norma, a pregnant cat who I’m fostering right now!
  • My Kitty, Sonny & Me
    • This is a blog about my life, and my life with my cat Sonny. Sonny is adopted and I love him to death
  • Natural Cat Care Blog
    • The tagline is “Sharing tips, insights, and the joy of soul companion cats.” This blog is devoted to the health and happiness of cats and their delightful, creative, intelligent people. Liz seeks to save cat lovers time and heartache and to celebrate our soul-companion cats. She’s a writer and holistic nutritionist who has been obsessed with felines since she adopted her first one at age 4.
  • notemily
    • It’s not exclusively a cat blog, but I often blog about my foster kittens on my LiveJournal. When I have fosters, it’s all I can write about!
  • OldCatsRule’s Blog
    • A mash-up of fun and information, focusing on life with senior cats.
  • OMGKitty
    • This is my blog for my scottish fold, Katamari.
  • Pawprint Blog
    • My cat Sonny’s blog to tell his tails of his life.
  • Places My Cat Lays
    • This is our cat, Stella, but we usually call her kitty-kitty. She likes to lie in strange places and she wants to share them with you.
  • Saving Lives, One Foster at a Time
    • I just created this blog to share stories about my life as a foster mom to cats.
  • Sheng Chi’s Daily Purrs& Meows
    • -How the human world looks from a Maine Coon’s point of view!
  • Sloth Action
  • Tabby’s Place – Felis Catus
    • Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. We’re a one-of-a-kind cage free sanctuary for kitties rescued from hopeless situations, and our blog features the antics, highs and lows of our 100 amazing feline residents.
  • Thoughts Fur Paws
    • All pets go to heaven
  • Under the Blanket
    • On my blog I feature pet stuff for cats and dogs. It is connected to our website www.blanketID.com and is a new service to help lost pets get home quickly and safely. We also donate to animals in need for every tag sold!
  • Words According to Boots
    • I have never had a cat before until someone threw this kitten out. To say the least, it did not take him long to become part of the household
  • Would You Like Some Fur with Your Wine?

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  1. Azreen says:

    I love your website!! Great, great posts! Thanks for making time to do this for the cat lovers 😀

  2. Margo Dale says:

    Hi Amy it's Popokie and Margo…thanks again for all that you have done to help our boy. How is Jackie doing? Question, can I blog? Can I add a video of Popokie? In otherwords is it for outsiders too?

  3. Oh, you also have another new fan… Me!!

  4. Nancy says:

    First time I've visited your website. I love it. Thanks for everything you do. ^-^

  5. Eleanor says:

    I applied to join your blogroll and I've put your button on my sidebar. Is that all I need to do?

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    I’ve applied to your blogroll and have put your button on my blog side. Anything else?
    I will enjoy being a part of this blogroll.

  7. Deb says:

    Whew – at last a place where I can leave a message! What’s going on with the site? I’m so used to leaving a post or comment after looking at a specific story – before moving on to another – and now all of the stories are following one after another and no comment space? I truly hope to get a response.

  8. kitty cat says:

    I love your website is the best website ever i am a ultimate cat lover i love this website i recamed this website to lots of people

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    Rosie is such cute cat. looking good keep up the good work you are doing.

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