Blue Kitten Harvey From Abandoned Home

Little Harvey is four months old now but when he was found in a box at an empty home, his eyes were barely opened. As the only survivor of his litter, Harvey has come a long way and is thriving thanks to the people who rescued him and nursed him back to health. “This is […]

Santa Clarita Man Saves & Cares For 6 Newborn Kittens

A litter of newborn kittens were left abandoned in a dumpster but saved by a Santa Clarita man who heard the kittens cries and came to the rescue. “I got there around noon. I could hear them meowing from the dumpster,” said Richard Kerr, founder of Citizens for Sheltered Animals. He took the kittens in […]

4 Kittens Found In Cardboard Box Near Dumpster, Now Safe!

Four kittens were found in a small cardboard box in a dumpster near a local business. “A local businessman went to throw some things out when he discovered this box,” said PrinceAlbert SPCA. “Right now they’re in good condition,” Prince Albert SPCA assistant manager Leanne Roberts said. “They haven’t been away from their mom for […]

Tiny Rescue Ball of Cute

by Love Meow on Aug 20th, 2012 | 6 Comments on Tiny Rescue Ball of Cute

This tiny kitty got a second chance when she was found abandoned. “A little update on its health. All the fleas are removed and could be allowed to live in a new home very soon,” said kitty’s foster family. They are hand rearing the kitty round the clock until she is big enough to go to […]

Day Old Ginger Kitten Found in Trash Bag, Now Thriving

A kind woman found a little day old ginger kitten in a trash bag abandoned in a house all by himself. Without hesitation, she brought him home and nursed him round the clock. “My mom has been dedicating so much time to this little guy, and thanks to her dedication, he is thriving. He has […]

Hungry Rescue Kitties Feeding Time

by Love Meow on Jul 3rd, 2012 | 6 Comments on Hungry Rescue Kitties Feeding Time

These little kittens may have lost their mother, but they have gained a new home where the entire family including their little human sister are there to take care of them. “My friend saw them being dumped outside of her apartment and she saved them. Since her husband has allergies, I took them off her […]

Kitty is Thankful for a Second Chance

This adorable fuzzball was given a second chance at life. He gives the hooman who saved him a kiss on the nose. “One of three abandoned kittens I found, saved and found them a new home,” said Zeno Z on flickr. “Thank you for saving me!” A bundle of hope: Photos by ©Zeno Zokalj.

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