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Look at these new best friends!

A tiny three week old kitten Uno recently adopted by a family meets a kitty loving Dalmatian. It’s love at first sight.

This curious kitten walks up to Louie the dog and ends up nuzzling affectionately with his big friend.

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Uno the kitten nuzzling with his new big friend Louie the Dalmatian.

three week old kitten snuggle with Dalmatian dog

Uno was just three weeks old when the Pogue family adopted him.

three week old kitten

The tiny little guy pokes his way around his big friend’s body, and settles under his floppy ear for a snuggle.

three week old kitten snuggle with Dalmatian dog

Uno’s mother who was also adopted by the family is overseeing the encounter approvingly!

three week old kitten snuggle with Dalmatian

WATCH VIDEO: Uno the kitten meets Louie the Dalmatian

Source: Daily Mail.

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“My mom surprised my father with a newly adopted kitten, he tries to act tough but has a soft spot for cats. Meet Anna,” Anna’s family wrote via reddit.

“My father is a Ju-Jitsu instructor/Volunteer RCMP officer, and pipeline instructor. He’s an incredibly hard worker and my role model. We adopted a kitten when I was four years old and named her fuzzer, she lived to be 16. The family was quite sad about her passing.”

“He looooooooves cats and mother figured (Anna) could help with any stress from work.”

He’s a tough guy with a soft spot for cats. This is him meeting his new adopted kitten.

tough man soft side to adopted kitten

tough man soft side to adopted kitten

After losing their cat for 16 years, they adopted this little tabby and named her Anna.

adopted kitten new home hiding

Behold the power of kittens.

adopted kitten new home

Photos via reddit.

Meet Ruby! This is her in her new home!

“She was one of a litter of 8 that was dropped off at the vet’s office we go to. She’s about 8 weeks old (1st picture) and we have had her for almost a week. She has an 11-year-old brother cat named Nugget and a 2-year-old sister dog named Jetta,” said sharkopotamus via reddit.

cute adopted fluffy kitten ruby

Ruby all grown up now.

cute adopted fluffy kitten ruby

She got a new friend named Milkcat who is her biggest fan.

cute adopted fluffy kitten ruby

Photo courtesy of sharkopotamus via reddit.

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cute rescued kitten with big eyes
Ismira, snuggled inside the pillow. Sleepy and half-heartedly prepared to pounce. | photo by ©Asma Kausar

Asma Kausar and her family have rescued and adopted so many stray cats that they have become well known for their love for cats in their neighborhood. “Often we come upon a little youngling in the garden, left by a random person, knowing that it’d find a home with us,” says Asma.

Here is the story of Ismira, one of Asma’s kittens who has touched her heart in many different ways:

cute rescued kitten cat pic
Ismira, falling in love | photo by ©Asma Kausar

It begins when our neighbors brought over two little kittens, claiming them to be the litter of a cat that frequents our home, Bubbles. A brother and sister. Very tiny, and obviously in need of a mother’s care.

cute calico kitten held in hands
©Evan Travers

Evan Travers, a web developer has had many cats and kittens for years now. To him, they are his furry best friends and companions.

“We adopted several from a friend maybe six years ago, and the kittens just keep coming, you see. We live out in the country, and our cats help maintain our home by wasting time, chewing up the furniture, and bringing a smile to our face with their antics.”

These are some of the kitties that have kept Evan company over the years: