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This is what happened just 10 minutes after 8 year old cat Alchemy arrived in his forever home.

“Alchemy (we kept his original name) is FIV-positive, so he’d been at the shelter for a bit over two years. Since he understood this was his forever home, he is always in the same room as the husband and me,” Alchemy’s human mom wrote via imgur.

“Honestly adopting an adult cat was the best choice. As for my experience, I got our cat in a special shelter for animals with either behavior or health problems (SPCA Montreal Annexe). When I got there, we asked for to see the cats that desperately needed a home. The volunteers were so happy, because people usually want the fun cats or kittens… but our kitty was love at first sight. This is why I always prefer adopting instead of buying – you contribute to a healthier way to acquire a life-long companion, not just another furniture. And when they’re adult pets, you can definitely feel the gratitude they demonstrate from finding their forever home,” she added. (reddit)

This happened just minutes after 8 year old cat Alchemy arrived in his forever home.

8 year old fiv cat adopted

8 year old fiv cat adopted

Photos via imgur.

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Two shelter cats lived in the same cage together for a while until they found their human who was only planning on adopting one, but ended up with two. This is the reason why they can’t be separated.

“There two were cagemates at the humane society. I planned on only bringing home one cat, but I couldn’t stand to split them up. Now every time I see them together, it makes me smile,” said Karlijoy via reddit.

“I look at Leo (the fluffy orange boy) first and liked how cuddly he was, but Leica (gray tabby) won my heart over because she was so playful and full of personality. Seeing them cuddle in their cage tugged at my heartstrings though, and I knew they had to stay together.”

cute shelter cat inseparable friends

cute shelter cat inseparable friends

cute shelter cat inseparable friends

Photos via imgur.

This is Dough. He found his human at a local shelter. When they met, his human fell in love, and the next thing they knew he was on his way to his forever home.

Dough is super vocal, full of personality. “I have never met a cat with so much personality. He’s hilarious. He definitely does not act like a cat. We joke that he must be some sort of cat/dog hybrid,” said the human.

“His vision is a little impaired, but trust me, he’s doing just fine.”

Dough (Douglas E. Fresh) the cute quirky cross-eyed cat

dough cute quirky cross eyed cat

Photo via imgur.

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She was hiding in the back of her cage when they saw her at the shelter. “We decided to give her a chance anyways,” said Phione via reddit.

Meet Gracie!

“(I) adopted a cat from the shelter last weekend. It looks like I made the right choice.”

adopted cat standing up

This is her hiding in the back of her cage when they saw her at the shelter. “She hid like that the whole time.”

adopted cat finds good home

They brought her home. What a second chance can do…

adopted cat finds good home

adopted cat finds good home

“I have a happy!”

adopted cat finds good home

Photos via imgur.

Meet Toby the kitty. His human mom went to the pound to pick up a dog for a rescue, but when she saw Toby the little orphan, she fell in love, and the rest is history.

“He was about 2 weeks old, had only one eye open, and couldn’t really walk or eat. The ones that young at the shelter never make it, so we pulled him to see if we could nurse him and keep him alive,” said the human mom via reddit.

Today Toby is living with his canine siblings at his forever loving home.

Toby growing up:

Photos via reddit.

Lux the cat has eyes of different colors. He has a fascination with light, thus the name – Lux, the Light Warrior. This is his story.

“I’ve always been a bit of a crazy cat lady at heart, and it wasn’t long after moving into an apartment complex surrounded by kitties that the boyfriend converted to a cat lover as well. It was the evening of Wednesday, January 19th that we were blessed with a little bundle of kitten joy,” said Lux’s human mom via Lux’s blog. They adopted Lux from a local shelter and the rest is history.

Lux is quite a character. He likes to hide under things, chew straws, occupy the sink when they try to brush teeth, jump up and down like a ninja, but mostly spend ample time with his sister Tetra aka Teddy. “Tetra is an absolute sweetheart. She and Lux are inseparable. We couldn’t be happier. They are the absolute best cats we could ask for. So proud and honored to be their guardians,” the human dad added via reddit.

Lux when he was little

lux the odd-eyed kitten

All grown up today!

He always sits in the sink, when they brush teeth

Lux cuddling with his sister Tetra

Lux and Tetra today

Photos via reddit. Follow Lux at Lux the Cat.