Gracie The Cat, A Soldier’s Inseparable Companion

Gracie a stray cat living in Afghanistan befriended a soldier one day and she’s been attached to him ever since. The bond they share is incredible. Gracie’s soldier wrote via Nowzad. “I first met Gracie when she was few months old, she was living with her mother and brothers close to the dining facility. She […]

Blind Cat Rescued In Afghanistan, Now Home In America

A blind cat found her soldier in Afghanistan. They started feeding her and grew attached to her. They named her Sockets. The rescuer wrote: “I work in Gardez and live on an Army Forward Operating Base. I had been here a few days and noticed a grey striped kitten around where we lived. The kitten […]

Stray Cat Rescued By Soldier Is On Her Way To Her New Home

A stray cat was found by a soldier who gave her his food. That was the moment, the ginger and white cat decided that he would be her caretaker. This is the story of a cat rescued in Afghanistan and her human trying to take her home to the US. Lisa’s rescuer wrote: It was […]

Stray Cat Becomes Loving Fixture For Soldiers Deployed Overseas

A ginger stray cat named “Goldi” has become an office cat for the US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, providing them comfort and a sense of home. Goldi’s Rescuer says: Our little “Goldilocks” came to be part of our family after the area we work in was expanded and a new fence line fenced her and […]

Kitty’s Rescue Journey From Dubai To Afghanistan Finally Home In America

A tiny kitten (named IL76) started her life in Dubai and somehow strayed onto a flight en route to Afghanistan when she was just 10 days old. With help from the flight crew and a rescue group, this kitty eventually found a forever loving home in the US. Nowzad wrote on their website: IL76 story is […]

Rescue Kitten Touches The Hearts Of Soldiers

A tiny kitten was rescued by the soldiers deployed overseas and soon became part of their team. Everyone took turns to take care of the kitty. In return, he gave the soldiers comfort and a sense of home. Here is his story in his soldiers’ own words: “Charlotte AKA Charlie was found as a kitten […]

Tortie Cat Strays Into Soldier’s Heart

A tortie cat strayed into a soldier’s heart when he was deployed in Afghanistan. After treating her for a cut, he knew that he couldn’t part with her. Bryant Smith wrote: “Crackers started coming around our building in Jan 2012. Poor thing was skin and bones, so I started feeding her when I saw her. […]

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