This is What Love Can Do! Mr. Jones the Cat Found at the Dump, is Now Living the Life!

by Love Meow on Mar 31st, 2015 | no comment »

This is what love can do! Reddit user Arterially wrote: “Trashcan Jones got left at the dump. Doesn’t get him down, though.” “He was brought to the vet clinic I work at inside a computer mouse box by some kind workers, popped out and has purred just about ever since. Despite having a pile of issues including a […]

Stevie the Blind Cat Changed This Man’s Life Forever

by Love Meow on Mar 18th, 2015 | 1 Comment

This man wasn’t a cat person until he met Stevie the blind cat who was in desperate need of a home. She changed him forever. Patrick Corr wrote via imgur: “I didn’t adopt Stevie when she was a kitten. I wasn’t even looking to adopt a cat, but when I heard she badly needed a […]

These Rescue Kitties Haven’t Stopped Holding Paws and Snuggling Since They Met

by Love Meow on Mar 16th, 2015 | 1 Comment

Since they brought their rescue cat a new friend, these two kitties have been holding paws and snuggling like two peas in a pod. “The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt Sydney,” reddit user Fox_ears wrote. “The tuxedo is Bean and the tabby is Sydney.” “We found Bean as a stray 2 years ago […]

They Met This Kitty at the Shelter, Two Years Later… He’s all Grown Up!

by Love Meow on Mar 4th, 2015 | Comments Off

“Almost two years ago we adopted a cat named Darwin from the shelter. He’s all grown up!” TFRAIZ wrote (imgur). “The most interesting cat in the world easily caught my attention. Our first meeting was brief, but left a lasting impression…” They simply couldn’t leave without him… “What would we name him? The shelter went […]

Man Falls in Love with a Shelter Cat. He Tells the Story in Pictures

by Love Meow on Feb 16th, 2015 | Comments Off

This man fell in love with a shelter cat, Soren the tiger, and he tells the story in pictures. “My girlfriend was just visiting the humane society when she saw him. She told me I HAD to see this kitten. So of course, I went,” Erik wrote via imgur. “We played with him for close […]

102-Year-Old Woman Fell In Love With A Shelter Cat

by Love Meow on Jan 24th, 2015 | Comments Off

A 102-year-old woman found her a little companion, a 2-year-old shelter cat, when she held him in her arms for a photo. “It just filled my heart,” Barbara Bates, the adoption coordinator of Montgomery County Animal Shelter said. “The kitty just snuggled right up to her. Matched her outfit she had on.” (Huffington Post) “I said, ‘Iona, do you […]

After 6 Years, Freddie the Cat Finds Her Forever Home

by Love Meow on Jan 1st, 2015 | Comments Off

After staying in the shelter for 6 long years, Freddie the cat is spending her first New Year’s day at her forever home. Freddie Mac, a beautiful black kitty came to Mower County Humane Society six years ago and stayed until this Tuesday when Robert and Robin Hanson met Freddie, the longest-waiting female at the shelter, they […]

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