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cute kitty and horse kissing cat pic
© Leesa

Animals often amaze us with the love they share with each other. We have covered so many stories about friendships shared between cats and many other different species – squirrels, dogs, mice, deers, and even a giant gorilla. Love really doesn’t have any boundaries. Perhaps we can learn something from these animals.

Photos courtesy of Leesa, an unbelievably talented photographer from Northwest Montana. You can see more photos by her from her website or flickr.

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Doesn't it look like they are kissing?

Several days ago we shared a story about a lovely friendship between a kitten and a deer. It seems that other cats and deers have found each other as well.

A lady in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (US) has a cat who has a special friend that visits every morning. The two buddies love hanging out together despite their differences in size and look. The kitty grooms her deer friend and the deer licks back as a way to say thank you. They are bonded like two inseparable friends.

We know the dog that takes care of a litter of kittens as her own, the mouse that follows his kitty friend everywhere he goes, the cat mother that adopts a baby Chihuahua who lost his own mom, and the puppy that digs out his friend from the grave because he misses him so very dearly. There are many stories about love shared by animals of different species. We know love has no boundaries. Even a ferocious cheetah can become best friends with a dog.

The deer and the cat from the video below may look very different, but they do not let their differences hinder their friendship. It is hard not to be amazed by the strong bond shared by these two beautiful creatures. It is absolutely precious!

Click play to watch this beautiful video about a unlikely friendship between a cat and a deer: