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These are great tips when it comes to introducing a new furry member to an existing cat. This one has a really swet ending.

Shorty and Kodi’s human wrote: “Some cats take longer, some don’t take long at all. Some may need to stay between a partially closed door or gate during feedings to get used to each other. I was very lucky with Shorty because she’s not territorially insecure, meaning, she didn’t mind sharing the cat tree with Kodi. If she did mind, and Kodi insisted on claiming the cat tree, I might’ve had to get another tree or climbing surface that he could have. Cats need territory, food, love, stimulation, at least 1 litterbox each, and a fairly calm household where they can be themselves.”


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These two ginger buddies are of different species, but to them, they are family.

Ever since they rescued Koda the ginger kitten from the bush, Keelo the Golden Retrieve has been inseparable with his little feline friend.

Koda thinks Keelo is the brother he never had and is always clinging to him by his side. Keelo adores his tiny purr-ey friend and has been very protective of him.

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golden retriever adopts ginger kitten kiss

It was love at first sigh on the first day they met.

golden retriever adopts ginger kitten snuggles

Koda the rescue likes to stay close to Keelo and Keelo always keeps a watchful eye on his little brother.

golden retriever adopts ginger kitten

They are constantly snuggling!

golden retriever adopts ginger kitten


golden retriever adopts ginger kitten

Keelo and Koda loved to kiss then…

golden retriever adopts ginger kitten

They still love to kiss now!

golden retriever adopts ginger kitten

WATCH VIDEO: Kitten and dog share an incredible bond.

Photos by Keelo & Koda on Instagram.

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Since they brought their rescue cat a new friend, these two kitties have been holding paws and snuggling like two peas in a pod.

“The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt Sydney,” reddit user Fox_ears wrote. “The tuxedo is Bean and the tabby is Sydney.”

“We found Bean as a stray 2 years ago and have had him as an only cat up until I found Sydney while volunteering with an animal shelter. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I brought her home the next day thinking Bean would make a fuss but they were friends from the moment they met. He’s much more active now and seems much happier. They cuddle and play all day.”

Bean and Sydney have been best friends since the moment they met.

best friends cats snuggling

They love holding paws…

best friends cats holding paws

…all the time.

best friends cats holding paws

“The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt Sydney.”

best friends cats snuggling

Photos via imgur.

“I live alone…didn’t want a pet. Workmate suggested she bring a kitten over that needed a home. Been together a year now,” Keith wrote via reddit.

“Since having Roscoe I’ve been calmer, happier and more content. Pain sometimes being woken at 4am to play but overall best decision I ever made,” he added. “My friends all agree I’ve become a crazy cat guy. But certainly having a life to care for has changed me, made me more responsible… And what you put in you get back. Nothing beats a purring ball of fluff sleeping on your chest.”

Worried that the Roscoe might get lonely when he is not home, he takes his cat to his folks’ place nearby while he’s at work. “I packed him off to ‘day care’ at my folks house while I’m at work. Has helped socializing him into a friendly little guy with all the visitors my retired folks get. Was worried he might want to stay with them but when I pull up and he hears my car beeper it’s paws on the front door, meowing away, nose lick and forehead bump without failure. Makes any crappy day into a good day.”

He lived alone and didn’t want to have a pet, then he met Roscoe the cat who needed a home. The two have been together since.

cat finds man changes his life

“Are these for me? Thanks dad!”

cat finds man changes his life

Photos via reddit.