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His name is Onix who was found as a tiny orphan at the tender age of 5 weeks old. A man spotted two tiny kittens, but only one survived. “My boyfriend works for a property management company. The kitty was starving in an empty house,” said Priscilla Joi via reddit.

Onix is the one that made it through. He was picked up by the man and the next thing they knew, he was on his way to his forever loving home.

This is Onix after he was saved from an empty house

cute rescue black kitten tiny

6 months later, taking over the human’s laptop

rescue black cat now

Photos via reddit.

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cute long haired tabby
Sam | photo by ©Chris Gandy

Chris Gandy and his family have had cats for many years. Sam the cat is the naughtiest and most playful they have ever known. He would do anything to get his own way. “Only problem is he looks just too cute.”

Sam loves the snow and will play in it for hours. When he is done playing, he gets snow all over his thick, long coat, but it does not bother him a bit.

At the time Chris had two cats, Sam and Fred, who is much older, so they went on the lookout for more kitties. “We didn’t particularly need them, but some friends neighbor had kittens who they couldn’t find homes for so we took two of them Chester (black) and Alfie (ginger).”

cute long haired tabby
photo by ©Chris Gandy
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