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Meet Wally! She’s a happy little bottle kitty found from inside a kitchen wall.

The Cat House on the Kings wrote: “SQUEE! This 2.5 week old cutie pie was rescued just today! (She’s now a happy bottle baby at a loving, local foster home.) Since you always ask … her mom is feral (wild) and gave birth to a litter of kittens in someone’s attic. In the process of moving them to a new location, this little girl was dropped by her mom down inside a kitchen wall where the mom couldn’t reach her. The retired homeowner tore a hole in his kitchen wall to rescue the kitten … but mom was long gone. So we stepped in to take over.”

Yay! Look at my jelly beans!

wally bottle rescue kitten cat house on the kings

Wally gets really serious when it comes to eating. 

wally bottle rescue kitten cat house on the kings

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A tiny fuzzy kitten was adopted by a man from the emergency medical service who rescued him and brought him to safety.

“This little hungry piggy was found by my niece’s EMT boyfriend on a cold night, under a car in New Jersey. He was five weeks old and 3/4 of a pound when found alone,” said Annie S.

“Here he is being bottle fed every 3 hours. He has since been adopted by the EMT who found him and lives with a 90 lb great dane mix who loves him,” Annie added.

Kitty can’t wait to eat…

cute rescue kitten bottle feeding nom

Nom nom…

cute rescue kitten bottle feeding nom

Getting his belly filled up

cute rescue kitten bottle feeding

Photos by ©Annie S. (flickr: anniesr).

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Aslan the foster demands his bottle of nommies. He can’t wait to find his forever loving home.

“Aslan is quite the lover boy. He’s so joyous, when he mews, you can actually hear his purr accenting his voice. I love him! But he needs a home… where he can get 100% attention so his personality continues to blossom. He has great potential to be somone’s one and only,” said Roxanne S., Aslan’s foster mom.

Gimme the bottle!

cute foster kitten wants bottle food

Nom nom nom!

cute foster kitten bottle feeding eating

I have a happy!

Photos courtesy of Good Karma Pet Rescue (Facebook).