It took this kitty 2 days to gether enough courage to come out from under a keg fridge. They named her Brew.

“[She] was terrified and felt safe there I suppose. Has a wound on her leg as well. Wandered in off the street.” said Cone via reddit. “We left food and water near her, she ate some over night when all was quiet. We also slid a sweater under the pallet so she would get accustomed to the smell and gravitate to that person when we got her out. That little kitten melted about 30 hearts this week. A dozen people stayed late on a Friday to get her out.”

Finally, they earned her trust and got her out unscathed. “We decided to give her to the retail manager as she is the only female and she cried over Brew. We didn’t want her to run away again, she needs vet attention. She was happy about it, purring away.”

When Brew just came out from under the keg fridge, a hug was needed…

cat rescued from under keg fridge

On her way to her new home…

cat rescued from under keg fridge

Photos via reddit.