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Meet Bit and Bolt, two wee kittens born to a rescue mama cat Honey. This is their journey growing up.

As newborns, Bit and Bolt’s eyes weren’t opened yet

Eyes opened, ready to explore


Brotherly love

The ginger kitties have been adopted. Thanks to Jean for fostering and giving these lovely babies a second chance at life.

Photos and story courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beaties).

Kitty taking up the whole bed…

cute kitten taking up the whole bed

Later on this happens…

“The kitten on the bed… sleeping with his brother,” said Petedog.

cute ginger kitty brothers cuddling snuggling

“They are 8 weeks old. The previous owner couldn’t take care of them anymore, so we took them in and are now trying to find homes. We have given one away to a close friend, but we are still looking for a place for the two orange guys,” said petedog.

Photos by petedog via Reddit.

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Sometimes having a crazy friend makes life interesting. These 2 best of friends purrsonalities don’t match up, but somehow it just works. It’s like opposite attract, yin and yang, and one hyper and the other very tolerant (in this case).

“Crazy furiend? I have one…”

cute cats 2 different personalities
cute cats 2 different personalities
cute cats 2 different personalities

Photos submitted by Lucy.