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“Heard a ‘mew’ come from inside the car while driving. Pulled over and found this in the engine,” reddit user Ayzkalyn wrote. (reddit)

“I was driving to Oklahoma City with a friend (as a passenger) when we pulled over at a Quiktrip. As we were pulling in we heard a meow. I got out of the car and checked in the road for a cat. After no luck we slowly parked. After gassing up we prepared to leave, and heard the noise again. We thought perhaps it was in the car, so we decided to look in the hood of the car.

Unfortunately neither of us were educated in the methodology of opening a car hood, so we had the Quiktrip staff do it for us. We told them that we heard a cat while the hood lay open, and they look at us as if we were crazy. Without any luck, we left again.

A few miles down the highway, the noise started again, louder. It was definitely with us, and this was proof. We had already turned our cellphones to mute to make sure it wasn’t that, and we were now on full alert. We pulled over next to a large semi-truck on the side of the road, and my friend explained our situation to the driver. He seemed really concerned for a burly bearded semi driver. He helped us open our car hood (cause we still didn’t know how) and looked with us. He grabbed a flashlight and shined it into the engine.

The creature went silent whenever we opened the door. I noticed that the edge of the car hood was fluffy. I thought it was kind of weird, and stared at it for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Then it moved. I jumped, and yelled for the others to look. It had crawled into a very small space (about the size of a soda can) and it was hard to get out. We grabbed a leg each, and began to pull. It pulled against us, determined to stay in. As it stretched out over the car hood, it looked rather long and in poor condition. I was really hoping it was a cat and not a ferret or some other creature.

Finally it came loose and I held it as tight as I could, as hundreds of cars were blazing past us every minute. We thanked the driver, and returned to the car, where it viciously tried to escape. I had to hold it down, and try to keep it calm.”

“After about an hour, it fell asleep in my lap, and I took this…”

kitten rescued from car

They helped the kitten find a good home.

kitten rescued from car

Kitten giving her new mom a kiss.

kitten rescued from car

Photos via reddit.

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A ginger cat was found in a car’s engine compartment yesterday. “My neighbors ring my doorbell saying they think there is a cat in my car,” the car owner said via reddit. “Right after I was able to remove her from my car, she jumped out of my hands and ran under my neighbor’s car and jumped in there. Just scared and wanted to be in dark places I think.”

When he brought the kitten into his home, she took refuge under the couch. Moseph the resident dog came to see the kitten and started licking her.  It was an instant bond. “They are getting along just fine. My dog is cool with cats. He’ll just sniff and lick her,” he added. “And yup. I think I’m a cat owner now.”

A ginger cat was found in a car’s engine compartment. This is kitty cuddling with her rescuer.

cat rescued from car engine

After hiding under the couch for sometime, she came out to get some water. “She’s finally drinking! She hasn’t eaten or drunk anything since I found her yesterday.”

cat rescued from car engine

She’s won his heart. “I think I’m a cat owner now.”

cat rescued from car engine

When kitty met his dog Moseph, they bonded instantly.

cat rescued from car engine bonds with dog

Photos via reddit.

A tiny kitten got stuck inside the engine compartment of a Mercedes Benz and was crying for help.

A group of Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue firefighters came to the rescue after receiving a call from a woman who heard the kitten crying from underneath the hood of her vehicle.

After more than 30 minutes of coaxing the kitten out, they finally found a way that got the kitten moving within the engine compartment so they could safely pull the kitty to safety.

“Let’s be friends, ok? Are you hungry,” Deputy Seidenstucker comforted the rescued kitten while holding her in his hands. [Watch video below]

A tiny kitten got stuck inside the engine compartment of a Mercedes Benz and was crying for help.


A group of Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue firefighters came to the rescue.


After more than 30 minutes of coaxing the kitten out, they finally found a way that got the kitten moving within the engine compartment so they could safely pull the kitty to safety.


Watch the rescue captured on video:

Source: Miami Herald.

A tiny three week old kitten survived a 1,000 mile trip inside the engine of a car. Two days later, the kitten was found and an animal rescue group and a tow truck company worked together to get him out safely.

The car owner called Julia Di Sieno, the founder of Animal Rescue Team, Inc and said that she believed there was a stray cat trapped somewhere inside her car. Later, she was advised to contact the police department and ask them to call animal control.

Julia said: “Animal control was dispatched, an officer showed up, and he thought perhaps the kitten was no longer in the compartment.”

But she got another phone call from the car owner later that afternoon, saying she could still hear the cat. “I had to go do something,” she said.

It took them a while and a lot of team work to locate the kitten. They got help from a tow truck company so that they could lift up the car to look underneath. Eventually they found the kitten lodged in the silver Honda Fit’s engine compartment.

“I was concerned about this kitten because it had been in the car engine for two or three days. I put on latex gloves, and I managed to get my hands in there until I had a little kitten and wiggled it through.”

The kitten was dehydrated and had an infected eye. She received treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

“He is very tame now, purring, and finally eating. We’ve been treating him with antibiotics.”

“The moment I pulled him up, it was so exhilarating,” she said. They named the kitty Love after the owner of the tow truck company for volunteering to help in the rescue.

Watch video below.

Tiny 3 week old kitten traveled 1,000 miles inside a car

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

After the car owner heard the cat meowing, she got help from an animal rescue group and a tow truck company.

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

They pulled the kitten out of the engine compartment safely.

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

The little kitty was dehydrated and had an eye infection, but is expected to make a full recovery

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

He is safe now, purring and eating.

Kitten Survives 2-Day Trip in Car's Engine

Watch Video:

Source: Daily Mail.

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Two kittens were given a second chance after being freed from a Toyota car engine last Thursday.

The owner of the Toyota car discovered one kitten whose head wedged in the A-frame of her Scion. She notified the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where they sent staff members to help right away. “While reaching in the front of the engine to see if we could reach her that way, we came across her brother, wedged in the circled area with a badly mangled foot. We got him out easily and sent him to our shelter for veterinary care,” the shelter wrote on their facebook.

During the entire ordeal, the feral cat mother whom the neighbor had been feeding for, never left her babies and was crying for help until the shelter staff members came to their rescue. “As we approached the vehicle we could see the momma cat sitting close to her baby, crying for her and protecting her from us, whom she at first perceived as a threat. Feral cats are not socialized to people and will flee from strangers, but she stayed near her baby.”

The two kittens whom they named Scion and Sherrill, were rescued and taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Florida where they had been treated and are doing well.

They are working to trap the mother cat and have her spayed, vaccinated, and released back to the neighborhood where the kind neighbor will continue to care for her.

Sherrill asking for help

Dave Backer and Dave Schwartz from HSTB safely freed the kittens from the car engine

Scion the brother kitten came out with a mangled foot, but is doing well now

Feral cat mama never left her babies during the rescue

Scion and Sherrill are doing well today

Photos by Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

A tiny 10-week-old kitten survived after getting stuck under a car engine for three days and a trip of 14 miles on the road. She was rescued and given a second chance at life.

Caroline Roberts and her husband Norman first heard the kitten but they weren’t able to locate the trapped kitten until a few days later, “the distressed calls were traced to their neighbor’s Chevrolet Matiz, which had been driven to Maesteg and back just days earlier,” reported Wales Online.

“Thanks to the efforts of neighbours, and Mr Roberts’ skills as a mechanic,” Shell was freed from the car and taken by Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre in Bryncethin. She was “dehydrated, underweight and extremely distressed at first, but is slowly coming to terms with her ordeal.”

“She’s a very, very lucky kitten. I think she must have used up about six or seven of her nine lives,” said the shelter via Wales Online.

Today Shell is back from the vet and is doing much better.

cute rescue tuxedo kitten from car engine

cute rescue tuxedo kitten from car engine

cute rescue tuxedo kitten from car engine

Source: Wales Online and Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre

This adorable calico was given a second chance at life by a stroke of luck. Brooklyn-based photographer, Antonio M. Rosario, noticed a tiny kitten hiding under the hood of a Mercedes. “If we had been a minute off in any direction, this would never have happened,” Rosario told

cute rescue calico kitten Mercedes

She was named Mercedes. Not only did she find a second chance at life, she now lives happily with the person who saved her.

Here is the full story courtesy of Antonio M. Rosario:

So, here’s the story about Mercedes the kitten.

We’re driving along Ocean Parkway, headed to Brighton Beach for a morning at the beach. Sometime while we’re driving (I’m in the passenger seat) I hear what sounds like a cat crying. I don’t pay it that much mind as I figure we’re passing by some alley cats or something. Then, a little later when we hit a stoplight, I hear the sound again. This time I think that we have a cat in our car. I look out behind me and out the window and in the adjacent lane is see a Mercedes s550 with its left front turn signal light missing from the housing. In this housing is the little face of a kitten crying.

Whoa! I open the window and wave at the woman driving the car. I grab her attention and point to the front of her car. “You have a cat inside your car!” I yell. She rolls down her window and I yell at her again. “What should I do? Is it dead?” she says. “No, pull over there,” I yell back.

cute rescue calico mercedes and photographer Antonio M. Rosario

Me and Mercedes

We both pull over to the service road on Ocean Parkway and like Avenue U or something. I tell her to shut down her engine. She does and gets out of the car and moves like 20 feet away, as if the car is on fire or something. I tell her again that there’s a cat in her car and ask her to pop open the hood. She has no idea how to do this. I can see the kitten sitting inside the housing where the turn signal lamp should be. She’s staring at me and I reach in to grab her and she disappears further into the engine.

At this point, we’re attracting a small crowd. I’m asking people’s who walk by if they know how to open the hood of the car so we can rescue the kitten. Two guys get into the car and are searching for the hood release while I’m trying to reach in for the kitten.

We all have iPhones, so we start Googling how to open the hood of an s550. In the mean time, I ask the woman who’s driving to call someone to ask them how to open the hood. This goes on for a while.

rescue calico kitten mercedes

Mercedes in the car after her rescue

Suddenly, I see a paw protruding from the right front part of the car, near the turn signal housing. It’s limp. Elizabeth and I fear the kitten is dead because the engine was so hot. I push at the paw and shove it back inside the housing. The kitten could not come out that way anyway. I could feel it and I poked it a bit and it started crying again.

The driver said to me, along with some of the other people who were there (they may have known the driver) that it was now ok and we could go and she would either drive over to the mechanic or the police would take care of it. We did not agree that it was fine. We told her if she started the car it would kill the kitten for sure. I don’t think they were being malevolent in any way, I just don’t think they knew what to do. Some other guys also cautioned about starting the car.

Now the kitten was crying. We finally got the hood open and I could finally see the kitten had moved a bit more towards the center of the car, between the radiator and the fan. She was looking up at us. I tried to reach my arm down, but there was not enough room and I kept burning myself on the radiator cap. Anothe guy started tapping underneath the car in order to scare her back towards the open housing on the left side of the car. That’s when she decided to take a left turn and head further into the engine block, out of our sight. CRAP!!!!!

cute rescue calico cat Mercedes

Mercedes relaxing after her first night with us

One of the guys helping saw her and said she was near an opening that she could climb down and exit the engine. I got on the ground and pushed myself under the car as much as I could. I saw the hole and a little bit of fur. I asked Elizabeth for some of her breakfast scone so that I might entice her to eat. The driver said she had some ground beef from the supermarket, so I took some of that too. I shoved my arm under the car and held the meat up to the hole. I could see the kitten and she became interested in the meat. She first poked her head out of the hole. I told everyone to be quiet so we wouldn’t scare her back into the engine. Finally she dropped one leg down then another. Finally, she dropped out of the hole and I grabbed her firmly and quick.


We had a small crowd gathered and I’m holding her against my chest. Everyone’s thanking us and we’re thanking them, and the driver was relieved and happy. “Are you going to keep her?” a guy asked. What do you think was our answer.

We all agreed that she should be named Mercedes. Merci (Mercy) for short.

Welcome to our world Merci. What a start!

cute rescue calico cat Mercedes


We drove her right to the vet. She seems pretty healthy. Some conjunctivitis in her eyes. Maybe some worms. Possibly a few fleas if any. No feline leukemia (they have a 5-minute test they do now). She was starving and the vet gave her a can of food which she vacuumed down. No RFID tag under her skin. So things look good for her, at the moment. She’s now installed in one of our bathrooms, separated from the Men who, so far, haven’t freaked out.

More updates, photos and videos at Antonio M. Rosario Photography.