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Bubble the cat and Lola the dog have the perfect friendship. Bubble shares everything with Lola and Lola clings to Bubble.

Bubble the tux gives Lola his favorite mouse.

cute cat and dog best friends

Then Bubble uses Lola as a pillow while Lola cuddles with the mouse

cute cat and dog best friends

Lola squeezes over to Bubble and takes up all his personal space.

cute cat and dog best friends

Then Bubble grabs Lola for a hug while Lola gives Bubble a love bath.

cute cat and dog best friends

Photos by Silgailis via Cuteoverload.

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A litter of kittens were rescued by a once homeless dog who found them inside a box atop a trash heap, in a neighborhood near São Paulo, Brazil’s Jardim Aeroporto. “He gently tore the box apart, and then carried the kittens—one by one—back to his human’s home,” reported Pawnation.

The dog named Banzé (or “Scamp”) is also a rescue from the streets. “So when he heard the plaintive mews of an abandoned litter of kittens, he didn’t hesitate to save them, as he had once been saved.” (Pawnation)

Little abandoned kittens rescued by a once homeless dog, Banzé.

He brought them home one by one from the trash heap and started caring for them.

“You need a bath!”

The kittens settled right in to their new home

Where is food?

Snuggly time!

Photos by Ilse Simone Petersen Gotzo via Pawnation.

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A tiny ginger kitten was adopted by a 3-year-old Dachshund named Remy. Alvin the orphan kitty was found in a shoe box out of a recycling plant as a baby. Unsure if the kitten would survive, their dog Remy took an immediate liking to the little furball, and even started producing milk to feed him despite that she’s never had a puppy. Remy is very protective of her little adopted son while Alvin thinks she is the mother he never had.


Flufferpants the ginger rescue is giving his dog buddy a kitty massage.

Kitty’s foster mom wrote: Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants giving Murkin (the dog) a kitty massage. Flufferpants was originally a feral/abandoned kitty that I rescued from my apartment complex. He was starved and couldn’t eat and groom himself properly because he had so many broken and infected teeth. Thanks to the love and support of Murkin’s fans, we were able to raise enough money to pay for the dental surgery that Flufferpants needed to relieve his pain. He is a very special boy and Murkin and I were blessed to be a part of his journey from the cold street into the warm and loving home.

This is a story of two rescues, a cat and a dog who were brought together and helped each other get better. It’s amazing what love can do and how resilient these lovely creatures are.

A ginger tomboy cat (Tom) in Japan nearly escaped death a few weeks ago. He is slowly getting better thanks to his new BFF, Double G the dog, who was rescued by the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support a few months ago.

“DG has kept vigil at Tom’s side all through his ordeal and Tom is slowly starting to show signs of recovery. Maybe the love of his new friend is helping motivate his healing? One thing is for sure – these two are inseparable and will stay by the other’s side through thick and thin. Can’t ask for much more than that in a friend,” said JEARS.

rescue cat becomes best friends with rescue dog in japan

Photo by Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. Like them on Facebook.