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“My mom surprised my father with a newly adopted kitten, he tries to act tough but has a soft spot for cats. Meet Anna,” Anna’s family wrote via reddit.

“My father is a Ju-Jitsu instructor/Volunteer RCMP officer, and pipeline instructor. He’s an incredibly hard worker and my role model. We adopted a kitten when I was four years old and named her fuzzer, she lived to be 16. The family was quite sad about her passing.”

“He looooooooves cats and mother figured (Anna) could help with any stress from work.”

He’s a tough guy with a soft spot for cats. This is him meeting his new adopted kitten.

tough man soft side to adopted kitten

tough man soft side to adopted kitten

After losing their cat for 16 years, they adopted this little tabby and named her Anna.

adopted kitten new home hiding

Behold the power of kittens.

adopted kitten new home

Photos via reddit.

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