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Cat dandruff is a skin condition resulting in flaky, dry dead skin. It should not be confused with dander which is regular shedding from healthy¬† skin. Dander is comprised of both cats’ saliva and dead skin cells whereas dandruff is allergic dermatitis that causes cat’s skin to itch and appear scaly. Though dander may trigger nuisance to people that are allergic to cats, it is unlike cat dandruff which is an allergic reaction from cats.


There are generally several culprits that cause dandruff in cats. Though some of them may require medical attention from a veterinarian, most of the conditions may resolve with home remedies:

Nutrition – many cats get dandruff simply because of poor nutrition. Food that lacks sufficient amount of O-mega 3 oil can cause the skin to dry and flake. A cat’s hair and skin condition can be a good indicator of a cat’s diet.

Moisture – though cats do not drink a lot of water, they need moisture to keep their body healthy and on track. A domestic cat usually gets water from a water fountain, food, or the environment (such as from a humidifier).

Health conditios – cat dandruff can also be a sign from a variety of medical conditions: