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cute calico cat eating dog food pic
Cat: "nom nom nom.." Dog: "That's mah fud..."

Should cats eat dog food? Many people wonder about this question since many cat owners also have dogs. There are a few reasons why cat owners consider feeding their cats dog food:

1. Dog food is usually significantly cheaper than cat food.

2. Many cat owners have seen their cats stealing dog food and are confused if the food is right for their cats.

3. Dog treats come in more varieties and are usually readily available at most stores. Certain cat treats such as dental treats may not always be available at some stores.

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Corn has been a controversial ingredient in cat food for as long as I can remember. Do cats need corn? Why is corn a common ingredient used by so many pet food companies?

Before we start let’s look at cats’ digestive system. Cats have a much shorter digestive tract than humans, dogs and many other mammals. Food only stays in their system for a few hours compared to 24 hours for humans. Their digestive system is designed to consume a smaller amount of food that is highly dense and packed with energy, vitamins, minerals and so forth.

  1. Place food and water away from the litter boxes. Cats are very clean animals. If you place food and water too close to their elimination, they may refuse to eat.

  2. If you have multiple cats, feed them in separate bowls instead of one communal bowl. In a multi-cat house, the dominant cat will most likely take over the bowl and leave little food for the submissive cat. Most of the time, cats do not like to share one bowl.
  3. Separate food and water. Cats may be sloppy when it comes to eating. If food and water are placed closely to each other, it is possible to spill some water over into the food bowl. By separating food and water, the food can stay fresh longer.
  4. Wash all the bowls daily, including the water bowl and refill it with fresh water. Cats tend to salivate when they drink water, leaving slop in the water bowl. Also, if you have a long haired cat, your cat may shed into the bowl, creating sediment on the bottom of the bowl.

Cats are what are known as obligate carnivores. An obligate carnivore is one that must eat meat. You cannot just turn her out to graze in a pasture. The digestive tract of cats has been shortened and optimized proteins from meat. They simply don’t have the dental or digestive apparatus to process plant materials. It’s therefore surprising, given their physical inability to process plants, that you will still find cats nibbling on plants from time to time. There are many theories for why cats would nibble plants. They may be trying to balance an upset digestion or add missing vitamins and minerals. Perhaps they simply like the taste. Maybe it’s a combination of factors. The jury is still out on this matter.

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There are so many cat food brands out there in the market, it is a bit confusing when it comes to picking a cat food for your beloved cats. Food labels are becoming more and more generalized these days, it is difficult for customers to truly understand what really goes into the food.

The Truth about AAFCO

The truth is that even though a food brand has AAFCO‘s statement of “complete and balanced” on the label, it does not necessarily mean that it is truly up to par. Nowadays lack of government oversight has resulted in a lot of food manufacturing mishaps and ultimately our own pets are the ones becoming experimental subjects to the pet food industry.

In order to be validated as truly “complete and balanced”, a company must invest an enormous amount of funds and time into studying and collecting data for a food product. However, testing and researching are often influenced by marketing because marketing is one that helps bring profit to the companies. There are plenty of marketing messages printed on the package, But how many of them really live up to their claim?

No company should perform invasive testing on animals, but this is hard to track because of limited resource from AAFCO and FDA. Also, AAFCO’s primary focus is to ensure safety of feed for livestock that becomes food for people, so the resource that actually goes into studying and learning about animal diet is scarce.

Even though many of the pet food brands have past the AAFCO standards, we saw a massive list of recalls in 2006 and 2007. Isn’t government supposed to certify brands that truly provide good, nutritious food?

What Kind of Food Should I Pick for My Cat?

Next time when you go to a store, think again. Cats are obligatory carnivores, so why should their cat food contain so much carbohydrates? Cats’ liver, unlike humans and dogs, has only one enzyme system whereas dogs and humans have multiple enzyme systems that could shoot up the “burn” rate or lower it down depending on the food they eat. However, since cats are obligatory carnivores, their single enzyme system limits them to work best with a mostly pure meat based diet. Too much carbohydrate content can cause conducted a comprehensive research on cat food including wet and dry cat food. Many cat food products

available at the supermarket contain little essential nutritional value and many undesirable ingredients. As your cat grows older, it is wise to pick the right cat food that will help your feline companion build a healthy, long lasting life. Here are the best foods by


  1. Best canned cat food, but expensive: Wellness Chicken Formula
  2. Best-value canned cat food: Natural Balance Ultra Formula
  3. Best supermarket canned cat food: Fancy Feast Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast
  4. Best dry cat food, but expensive: Wellness CORE
  5. Best value dry cat food: Natural Balance Ultra Premium

Top Canned Cat food:

  1. Natural Balance
  2. Nature’s Logic
  3. Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken
  4. Dr. Foster and Smith
  5. Halo’s Spots Stew for Cats – Original Flavor
  6. Wellness Chicken
  7. Newman’s Own Chicken and Brown Rice
  8. Evolve Natural Canned Chicken Formula
  9. Innova EVO
  10. Merrick
  11. Wysong Chicken Au Jus

Concerns about store brand Canned Cat Food:

(both premium and low-priced mainstream brands)

Premium brands such as Science Diet‘s canned cat food contain

As a cat owner I know that most of us would go that extra mile to look for the right, healthy food for our cat. The 2005 cat/dog food recall has stigmatized the pet food industry and rocked the consumers’ confidence for quite a while. Luckily, AAFCO has tightened the monitoring measures to make sure any manufactured cat/dog food made in the US or imported from other countries meet the AAFCO protocols.

So speaking of cat food, I am sure all of us have pondered on the question about whether we should choose wet food, dry kibble or a combination of both for our little feline furries. In fact, there have been many debates and studies on proper nutrition and diet for cats. The truth is that there is really no right answer to it.

After comparing glucose-tolerance tests, which measures blood samples and indicates how fast glucose is being cleared from the blood after eating, researchers found no significant difference between a dry food diet and a wet food diet….

The MU veterinarian indicated that allowing cats to eat enough to become overweight is more detrimental to their health than the type of food they eat. – Science Daily (Dec 4, 2007)