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Question from Diane:

I have a 7-year-old neutered male cat who sometimes fights with his brother and only one of his sisters (he has two). He will jump on them and bunny-kick them very aggressively and they are obviously in pain when he does this – as the screaming and flying fur attests. It’s like he’s temporarily in a trance. He acts quite normally before and after, I think, and I’m really not sure how to explain this behaviour to the vet. It’s been going on for about two months now but there’s been no major changes in the house in that time. The “queen” of the house died in January (no blood relation to this cat) but I can’t link it to that since it was so long ago. Any ideas? Have you heard of that behaviour before? Thanks for your insight!

Answer from Amy:

Awww. These 2 kittens are having a playful fight. Don’t worry. No one gets hurt. Fighting is part of what kittens do during their socialization period with their litter mates. The cutest part of this video is how the third kitten is watching the 2 fight, doing nothing but overseeing the fight. Even the 2 feisty ones are exuding cuteness all over the screen no matter what they are doing. Kittens are cute by default.