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cat love cuddles

“My sweet Dusty (white) and Pistol Pete (black). They turned 4 years old this March! And for anyone else who’s wondering, it wasn’t staged or fake. They actually sit like this often, but I waited for their tails to stop wagging (since they weren’t completely asleep yet) and got lucky with this photo! I had about 30 outtakes before I got this one!” – Amy O’Neil

Thanks guys for your suggestions about creating greeting cards with this picture, so here is the link.

Photo courtesy of ©Amy O’Neil

There are many stories that show how much love cats share with the ones they love and how accepting they are towards other animals. There is one about a mother cat taking care of a litter of orphaned bobcats and another one about different animals (a dog, a cat and several micro-pigs) living together harmoniously under the same roof.

You can see true love in the way a mother cat takes care of her babies and the way animals care for one another without boundaries.

Photos courtesy of ©Chiara Rossi.

cute kitten cuddling with mother cat pic
Love | photo by ©Chiara Rossi
cute kitten sleeping with mother cat
photo by ©Chiara Rossi

cute stray cat mother and daughter tender moment pic

Two and half years ago Lois Elling found a litter of kittens that hung around her house.

“We.. discovered there were also four kittens (three tabbies and one black). I call the mom, Lily (that seemed more appropriate for a mom than Li’l Tiger). Here she is in a tender moment with one of her daughters. I liked how the car outlined her head” said Elling.

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When a cat winks at you, you know you have been loved :). Cats show their affection in many ways. One of them is through their eyes. A kitty that is winking at you is almost like he is blowing you a kiss. When cats wink at you or look at you with half opened eyes, they find you trustworthy and comfortable. [See Power of Cat Staring]

cute kitten winking cat pic
Wink! :)

photo: © Eva

These kitties are sending us a lot of love. Scroll down to see more photos:

Aren’t cats just so kissable? I love to kiss their little nose and forehead. What about you? When a cat snuggles up and taps his wet nose to you, it is an affectionate gesture and a way for them to say “I Love You!” When a kitty is slowly blinking his eyes as if he is getting sleepy, it is also a sign of affection which is similar to a blowing kiss. You can return a kiss by giving them a nose bump or blinking your eyes slowly at them.

It is hard to believe that cats are often misunderstood as aloof and unsocial creatures. Below is a collection of kitty kisses photos that will definitely prove those people wrong.

cute cat kisses girl kitten pic