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cute black cat saved family from fire
Nudge is credited with waking up a LaFayette couple when their home was on fire | Eddie Jones, NewsChannel 9 WSYR-TV

A cat named Nudge is getting credit for saving her family from a fire. A woman and her husband were fast asleep when the fire broke out, and say the actions of their cat helped them escape.

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feral kittens cat pic
Photo: Roeselien Raimond

The city of Oklahoma City tried to help control feral cat colonies by spending approximately $3,000 for a few make-shift shelters in 2009. However, one of the shelters was stolen in less than 48 hours after they were put out. Three more shelters were taken away last week. Only two out of the eight shelters remain.

Claire Roop has spent 11 years providing care and food for the shelter cats every day. She believes that people who target those cat colonies are usually those who believe cats are “a nuisance” according to NewsOn6.

Claire Roop are trying to raise money to purchase surveillance equipment for the shelters. In the meantime she is hiding the two shelters that are still intact.

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cute stray feral cats pic

In Sacramento County, California, every household is only allowed to have up to 4 cats. Many families in the Citrus Heights neighborhood are feeding stray, feral cats by setting up shelter and food outside the house. However, according to animal control, if you put out food for 30 days for a stray, the cat is considered legally yours.

Dani Adamson has trapped and turned over 25 strays to animal control in the past year. However, just down the street, her neighbor Rich Brown keeps 2 cats inside his home and feeds 5 strays outside.

What is your view on where the legal line lies on this issue?

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Photo: Mike Kepka / The Chronicle

A street panhandler, Daniel Harlan, is not the only homeless man in the crowded city of San Fransicso, but he is definitely the most stand out one because of his flat-nosed Exotic/Himalayan cat, Samantha.

Most people took notice of this homeless man because of his beautiful cat, but Samantha was nowhere to be found because Harlan believed that she was stolen.

Samantha is perhaps the only thing Harlan really cares about in his life.

Last Friday when Harlan went to a nearby store to buy some food for Samantha and himself, he left the cat on a leash tied to his tent and was only away for a few minutes. When he returned, the cat and his tent were gone.

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susan boyle pet cat pebbles

According to, Susan Boyle and her cat Pebbles are no longer together. The over-night music sensation had to leave her once constant companion due to her busy schedule and the fact that Pebbles has become distanced from her.

Susan Boyle has only got to see her beloved 11-year-old Turkish cat three times since last July. Pebbles has been living with a pensioner in a different location. When Susan came to visit her last week, she was scared by Susan’s presence and took refuge underneath a wardrobe.

Baby, the 13-year-old cat woke up her family members when a fire was ravaging from a bedroom. The fire alarm failed to signal the people in the house when the smoke was fumigating the entire bedroom. Fortunately the cat immediately jumped on her owner who was in the living room and roused him from his sleep.

After the couple and the cat got out of the house unscathed, the cat quickly went away. According to Mike Weber, the assistant fire chief of the Wonder Lake Fire Protection District, cats who are “scared in house fires often return after the scene clears.”

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A cat named Casper became famous ever since he started taking the No3 bus in UK every day for the past four years. His story captivated so many animal lovers. Unfortunately earlier this month, Casper was hit by a running motorbike while he was crossing the road to catch his daily ride.

Casper always came to the bus stop around 10am every day. He sat on the same seat for the 11 mile bus ride for up to an hour before arriving back to the same bus stop. He never needed to pay for the bus fare and everyone who saw him on the bus greeted him as if he was a star.