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Sketches the rescue Bengal is special. She may not be able to move like other kitties, but she is extremely happy and active. A couple from California brought her home, giving her the best care they could provide while helping her look for a good home. After months of treatment and searching for a purrfect home, Sketches was adopted by the people who gave her a second chance at life.

cute rescue bengal sketches the cat paralysis paralyzedBeginning of the story by Andrew L. (Sketches’ Facebook page)

We were visiting our local ASPCA after a long day at the DMV, and there was a woman there who was hysterical. She had found the kitten on her lawn in a trash bag, and brought her to the pound to see if they could take her. The woman at the front desk said they would have to put her down, because she was “not normal, and in a lot of pain.”

I told the woman at the desk that she obviously was not in any pain at all, but the woman did not agree. I asked if there was any way for them to foster her because she was very obviously normal besides the apparent injury. And, the woman at the desk emphatically said ‘no, we will put her down.’

The lady at this point began crying, saying how she didn’t know what to do, this kitten was such a happy, carefree kitten and she didn’t want to put her down. Her husband had told her she could not keep her any longer because they already had four cats.

The couple, Andrew and Lizzie, offered to take the kitten. “We took her, had a slight panic attack in the car (realizing what we had just undertaken!), and drove to the vet for shots,” wrote Andrew.

cute sketches the rescue bengal paralyzed

The vet diagnosed that Sketches’s spine was injured, thus her back end is not functioning properly, causing her half paralyzed and slightly incontinent. Andrew has her wearing preemie diapers and has come up with a routine feeding schedule which works perfectly for Sketches daily needs. Lizzie is Sketches at-home massage therapist.

Since then, they have taken Sketches to see a neurologist and follow it up with acupuncture sessions. Over time, they have noticed a huge progess in her toes. “Little things like flexing her digits, stretching the leg out and reacting to my touch…. I like to think it gives her hope of regaining some movement down the road,” said Andrew.

The couple tried different ways to keep Sketches in shape. They experiemented with hydrotherapy, so Sketches could exercise her legs in a warm bath. Andrew built a wheel chair for the little Bengal, but she outgrew it in just a week.

Sketches moves her tail for the first time:

Sketches making progress, twitching and stretching her toes:

In the meantime they were looking for a perfect home for Sketches because of their living condition which made it difficult for them to keep her.

The adoption process had a few bumps. Sketches returned back to Andrew and Lizzie when the new home didn’t work out. It was a joyful reunion for the couple and when they saw Sketches again, they knew they could never let her go. Edit: In the meantime, the couple was still hoping to find Sketches a home that is right for her, as much as they wanted to keep her more than anything. The search went on.

Sketches is very clingy

cute rescue bengal cat sketches loves cuddles

Little Sketches then…

cute rescue bengal cat sketches then

Updates from Sketches foster family:

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Flickr: Umberto Fistarol

Evey, a beautiful cat, was found by the Toronto Humane Society could barely move his hind legs due to partial paralysis. The staff of Toronto Humane Society one day brought her a prosthetic cart (wheelchair) to help her get around. The cart allowed her hind legs to hang freely so that she could exercise them and maybe gain back some of their usage and strength.

At the beginning it was a bit challenging for the little one to hang on and get used to the new component that was attached to her body, but soon she was able to move around and walk with her hind legs up. With help from the wheelchair, Evey should be able to regain some use of her legs and the ability to walk normally again.

Check out the video below to see the first time Evey put on her prosthetic cart (wheelchair).

Remember the story we covered on Scooter, the cat with a wheelchair? I just received an update from the Harts Run Veterinary Hospital that Scooter has been adopted by a veterinarian from Northview Animal Hospital in Ross. He is now living in his forever home :-).

What’s so great about Scooter is that he has become a therapy cat at the Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center in Pennsylvania. There are children there suffering from cerebral palsy, cancer, seizure disorder or other ailments. Also, Scooter has been traveling to various rehabilitation hospitals for the past year, helping children and showing them what a role model he can be.


Little Scooter lost mobility in his hind legs in a car accident.

His hind quarters are paralyzed, but his tail has recently regained some mobility. Never doubt a cat’s ability to recover. Maybe someday Scooter can walk again. Who knows!

Scooter lives in the Harts Run Veterinary Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His will to live a normal, happy life has touched many clients from the hospital.

Recently, Scooter has received a real scooter donated by several generous clients. Scooter can finally walk again.

Scooter is looking for a forever home because he cannot stay at the hospital forever. If you are interested in adopting Scooter, please call (412) 963-8889.

Even though you may feel sad for me, I don’t feel sad for myself.  I get around just fine!  You should see me Z-I-P around the hospital halls!


Check out Scooter walking in his new scooter and playing with a feather:-)

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