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I could never imagine that scratching posts could be beautiful until I bumped into this website. It is called The Company of Pets. They have the most amazing cat scratching posts I have ever seen.

The black cat silhouette can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Kitties can ride on the little puppy or rest on a comfy scratching chair. They will look great for our interior home design, but I have to warn you that the prices are not low at all. The chairs cost $575 each and the scratching puppy would cost someone an arm and a leg with an unbelievable price tag of $1,200. Even the silhouette costs $200. They look luxurious indeed and they are all hand-made, so a lot of the costs go into the labor.

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Kudos to people who are going green and using eco-friendly products. However, lately it seems that the eco-friendly idea is used more as a marketing scheme to jack up prices of products instead of selling them at what they are really worth.

Look at this oval shaped pet furniture. It is called the Cat Cocoon. By the way it looks, the name is pretty self-explanatory. The Cat Cocoon is made with layers of corrugated cardboard glued together to form the shape of a cocoon. The furniture piece can serve as a scratching post, cat tree and also a condo (believe it or not). Basically it is a multi-functional pet furniture that is designed to satisfy your cats’ many needs.


The structure is made of double-wall corrugated cardboard and water-base glue. No I am not leaving out anything. That’s all it is made of.