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These stories from 2013 will melt your heart.

A 10 year old boy courageously saves a cat from a group of bullies. Thanks to his compassion and bravery, Jackson the cat is recovering well at Outer Banks SPCA and ready for his forever home. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Staff Sgt. Jesse Knotts rescued a cat while he was serving in Afghanistan, but the kitty became his saving grace during difficult times. “He pulled me out of one of my darkest times so I had to pull him out of one of his darkest places.” (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Lincoln the kitty was found quadriplegic & taken in by Tenth Life. With a lot of love, this miracle baby has not only learned to walk, but he can run like any other kitties today. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her cat mother but taken in by a Golden Retriever who started caring for her and became the father she never had. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Mr. Magoo the cat cannot see, but he managed to survive living on the streets blind. This is his journey from a homeless stray to a happy, healthy cat today. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

A tabby cat and her little human both turned two this year. They have been together since birth and share a very special bond. (Read full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Being a mama is no easy work. Khaleesi the rescue stray has definitely done her share of parenting. She gave birth to 4 and adopted one little orphan. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Meet Sir Stuffington, an one eyed kitty who survived a raccoon attack and was saved by a kind person along with his 2 brothers. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Two 14 year old cats were left behind and were overlooked at the shelter because of their age until they met the person who fell in love with them. “No one wanted them because they are older, but I think they are pretty cool.” (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

A stray cat visits his unlikely friend, a cow, every day on a dairy farm for love and affection. Sometimes when he comes over, the cow welcomes him with a slobbering kiss. (See full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Little Ash was found behind the dumpsters, dirty and hungry. A man saved his life, but what he didn’t know was that Ash was about to change his life too. (Read full story)

2013 cat stories touch your heart

Ash all grown up today.

2013 cat stories touch your heart

When Chester was adopted, his new family realized there was much to be done to help the little ginger. He couldn’t lay in any other position, never played, ate, and was sick. They were determined to bring him back to health. It changed his life. (See full story)

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Dan Kraus Rescuer cat stuck in tree pic

Have you seen a rescuer, trying to free a frightened cat off a tree? That’s what Dan Kraus does, a professional specialized in rescuing cats stuck in trees. He has reunited more than 600 cats and a variety of other animals with their families.

The whole story began when the tree service company Dan worked for got a phone call about a cat who was stuck in a tree for five consecutive nights. He went to rescue the little feline who was so weak that the cat could barely meow. This got Dan wondering – help needed to free cats stuck in a tree is not always readily available. It became an inspiration for Dan to start his Cat in a Tree Emergency Rescue.

Every rescue is “filled with drama, love, danger, and a happy ending.” Below are some of the stories Dan experienced during his rescue work:

cute kitten stuck in tree emergency rescue
photo credit: Dan Kraus

image from
image from

How many cats is too many cats? Most of us are able to draw a limit as to how many cats we are capable of handling, but some may take pet ownership to another level. ABC’s “20/20″ did a documentary named Cat Ladies on four cat owners. Their stories reveal an intense relationship they have with their cats which is “beyond simple devotion and love.”

Click here to watch the preview.

What made them the “cat ladies” they are is not about the number of cats they own. According to Elizabeth Vargas from ABC, it is more of an emotional attachment between cats and owners.

Courtesy of Alora:

I had a cat named Millie who was adopted from PAWS. She was with me for about 8 years and finally died about age 16.

She had the kindest spirit. She never minded going to the vet in fact she was the only cat I’ve known to keep purring through having her temperature taken :-)

She was coming to the end of her life, her kidneys were failing and couldn’t walk very well. It was clear I needed to help her through this. Even though she felt awful, couldn’t hold her bladder any longer and at times could only eat lying down next to her food dish, she would purr and give love.

It was my duty to take her and make sure she was no longer in pain. I stayed with her and said goodbye before they took her back for the final time.

I still think about Millie, how she was the cat that would greet me at the door when I came home from work and followed me everywhere in the house. When she wanted to wake me up and just sit and stare at me…. If I didn’t wake she would hit my nose with her paw! Never meowed to be fed but made her needs known in other ways.

I really miss her.

– Alora

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Courtesy of Amber

I am from the States and my husband is from the UK. We both live in the States together now but when we were dating I went over to the UK for a visit.

My husband wanted some companionship while we were apart and I convinced him to get our first cat Wambli. He is a pure black cat. He’s also been through a lot. We got him when he was about a year old and he felt abandonment issues from his former owners.

When my husband moved to the states there was no way we were leaving him behind after he became part of our hearts. He is a very quiet cat but shows his emotions in his face. When we put him on the airplane to come with us we could see as he was being led away he felt abandonment again and not understanding what was going on.

From Lori B.:

I had a double mastectomy in Jan. of this year.  Chemo has been following ever since.  I am scheduled treatments for a year.  I work for the Humane Society of the Palm Beaches.  I am a cat care Kennel Tech and Adoption Counselor.  One of my first thoughts when diagnosed was who will take care of all those kitties? There are approx. 152 up for adoption at any given time. I have been back to work for 6 months now, part time.  And, through my worst days, I have got up and gone to work.  There is nothing more fulfilling to get them homes, take care of them and have the love returned by them every day. You cat owners know how funny they can be and they make me laugh. They have given me so much to get up for.   I am lucky that I have been healthy since the operation and pray for many years with my cats.

From Wendy M.:

There are so many great cat stories out there that touch our heart and get us teary eyed. The most amazing things I have heard are stories shared by cat lovers.

Cats don’t always come to get your attention, but they are there for us when we need something to lift up our spirits or bring us a smile after a bad day.

If you have a cat story you’d like to share with us, whether it is about your current or past cat’s funny encounter with a new toy in the house or a story of how cats have completely changed your life, share it with us because our cats deserve the recognition and love from all the cat lovers.

My very first cat gave me something that I held so dearly in my heart. He brought sunshine to my life and companionship to my family.

Do you have a story to share with us? Send me your story below and we will feature it on the blog.

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