Loyal Cat Brings Gifts and Visits to His Master’s Tomb

A gray and white cat named Toldo, has been visiting his beloved master’s tomb, bringing all kinds of little presents since the day of Reno Iozzelli’s funeral. “He brings little twigs, leaves, toothpicks, plastic cups. A bit of everything really,” said Reno’s widow Ada via AFP from Montagnana, a mouton village near Florence (RawStory). Renzo […]

Gumbo the Cat Rescued by Pig After House Fire

Gumbo the cat was rescued by a pig who was on a mission to find its feline companion. After a house fire broke out at the Perry Hill farm in Bedford early last month, Gumbo vanished for 2 days until Miss Colby the pig set off a search to find the cat. Gumbo ran through […]

Kitten Found in Pouring Rain Gets to Stay with Her Rescuer Forever

She was found in the pouring rain crawling next to the road. A kind person in Shanghai picked her up from the street, hoping to find her a loving home, but what she didn’t expect was that the kitty would soon become an important part of her life. “I quickly slapped together this page a […]

Hank the Cat for US Senate in Virginia

Who says cats can’t be politicans? A 4-legged feline named Hank has recently anounced his running for a Senate seat being vacated by Virginia Democrat Jim Webb. It’s offical that this purr-fect candidate is now up against two human politicans and some think “the fact that he is an outside the beltway cat could be […]

Pudding the Cat Saves Owner’s Life Hours After Being Adopted

A 21 pound orange and white cat saved his owner’s life just hours after he was adopted. Amy Jung and her son Ethan stopped by the Door County Humane Society just to play with cats, but one thing led to the other, they came home with a very laid-back long haired kitty named Pudding who […]

Toby the Rescue Found Home & Best Furiend

It was on a Sunday when Julie Falk was asked to foster a little 3 month old kitten that was abandoned outside. “I said I would do it, knowing that my daughter Emily, home from college, would be in love….” says Julie. They named him Toby and were planning to find him a good home […]

12 Rescue Mama Cat Stories

by Love Meow on May 8th, 2011 | 19 Comments on 12 Rescue Mama Cat Stories

This mama cat adopted an orphaned ginger name Charlie. “she went to work right away on cleaning and nursing him. She is the one we took from outside with her babies,” says Stacey

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