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A gray and white cat named Toldo, has been visiting his beloved master’s tomb, bringing all kinds of little presents since the day of Reno Iozzelli’s funeral. “He brings little twigs, leaves, toothpicks, plastic cups. A bit of everything really,” said Reno’s widow Ada via AFP from Montagnana, a mouton village near Florence (RawStory).

Renzo passed away back in September 22, 2011, aged 71. He took in Toldo from a cat colony when he was only three months old and the two became very close to each other.

Ada told Corriere Fiorentino that no one noticed the cat’s behavior when he followed Iozzelli’s funeral procession until later when he began to make his regular trips to the cemetery, bringing little sprigs and gifts to the gravestone. “Sometimes he comes with me and sometimes he goes on his own,” Ada added.

The day after the funeral, they found a sprig of acacia on the grave, then later that evening, they saw Toldo standing guard at the grave. The story quickly spread out in the village. Many people also witnessed it. “The whole town knows about him now,” Ada said.

“He loved my husband. It was something else! Now it’s just me, my daughter and my son-in-law and he’s very affectionate with us too,” she said via RawStory.


Italian cat brings gifts to his late master’s tomb


Italian cat brings gifts to his late master’s tomb


Source: corriere fiorentino and Raw Story

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Gumbo the cat was rescued by a pig who was on a mission to find its feline companion. After a house fire broke out at the Perry Hill farm in Bedford early last month, Gumbo vanished for 2 days until Miss Colby the pig set off a search to find the cat. Gumbo ran through the fire and was in rough shape, but the little furry survivor is recovering and expected to be ok.

“As the Fink family works to get the charred remains of their barn hauled away, they find reason to smile – looking at their little survivor,” reported the Weather Network.

Gumbo and cat in the news (Watch video):

Source: the Weather Network.

She was found in the pouring rain crawling next to the road. A kind person in Shanghai picked her up from the street, hoping to find her a loving home, but what she didn’t expect was that the kitty would soon become an important part of her life.

“I quickly slapped together this page a day after picking up the kitten; I panicked (never having looked after a cat before!) and hoped to find a new owner as quickly as possible. By the end of the first week or so I had a potential couple lined up, but I also had cat food, a litter tray and flea spray! Eight months or so later and she’s still with me,” said kitty’s human.

The kitty was soaking wet and shaking when she was found…

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

Her rescuer dried her up and she felt much better.

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

She stole the heart of the person who saved her…

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

And she is not going anywhere.

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

 All grown up now.

cute rescue cat now with forever loving home drawer

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

cute kitten rescued from pouring rain

Photos and story by Utopia via reddit.

Who says cats can’t be politicans? A 4-legged feline named Hank has recently anounced his running for a Senate seat being vacated by Virginia Democrat Jim Webb. It’s offical that this purr-fect candidate is now up against two human politicans and some think “the fact that he is an outside the beltway cat could be an advantage.”

cute cat hank runs for virgina senate

Hank is a 9 year old Maine Coon born to a single mother from the street and later rescued from a shelter that coudln’t keep him. His campaign headquarters is located at his family’s townhome in Springfield, Virginia. As a cat who has gone from rags to riches, Hank is confident for his ability to bring new hope into the state of Virginia.

Hank is running as an independent as how cats are always independent. “I would read left-leaning political books at night, and in the morning when he’d wake me up for breakfast, he would tear up the politicalbooks, ust th epolitical books, to get my attention,” O’Leary sas.

The money donated on Hank’s website goes to animal rescue groups.

In the news :

When Hank was a kitten:

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A 21 pound orange and white cat saved his owner’s life just hours after he was adopted.

Amy Jung and her son Ethan stopped by the Door County Humane Society just to play with cats, but one thing led to the other, they came home with a very laid-back long haired kitty named Pudding who had been in and out of the shelter since 2003.

cute pudding the cat saves owner amy jung's life
by Door County Humane Society

Jung who is diabetic since she was a child started having a diabetic seizure in her sleep hours after Pudding moved in with them.

Instead of sitting in the house, Pudding jumped into action. He sat on Jung’s chest hoping to wake her up, but that was to no avail, so he proceeded to nudge and nibble on her face until Jung was concious enough to call out to her son for help, but Ethan was not able to hear his mother. It was like an instinct, Pudding quickly ran towards Ethan’s room and hopped onto his bed until he woke up.

Jung believes that she wouldn’t have made it through the night without Pudding.

Who rescued who? The truth is that cats always remember and appreciate those who love them and give them the second chance at life.

cute pudding the cat saves owner's life diabetic

cute pudding the cat saves owner amy jung's life

Pudding was rescued by Door County Humane Society. Pudding has his own facebook page now.

Source, source. Thanks Jessica for the story :).

cute rescue kitten cuddles and snuggles
Toby cuddles with his new mom
cute rescue kitten being cared for
Toby gets cleaned up

It was on a Sunday when Julie Falk was asked to foster a little 3 month old kitten that was abandoned outside. “I said I would do it, knowing that my daughter Emily, home from college, would be in love….” says Julie.

They named him Toby and were planning to find him a good home in 3 weeks because their cat Cally had never lived with another kitty, but it turned out that Toby was taken in by a much larger friend, a dog named Lucy.