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Little tabby kitten stretched her way into a big kitty today.

This stretchy kitty, Sicca, is one of the 5 kittens rescued by a kind man in Japan. When Yoko and Hiroshi met her at her foster home, it was love at first sight. In just one year, the mackerel tabby has grown from a tiny fuzzball into a beautiful cat.

June, 2010:

cute kitten stretching out

All grown up:

cute tabby cat stretching out

Photos courtesy of ©Yoko Tanji (flickr: Sicca).

Kitty stretching away and follows it up with a big fierce yawn!

According to Jak, she and her friends spotted this kitten on the street the other day and had to take her home. “She was actually a feral but so young that she took to human companionship right away. Funny how they know who takes care of them. She’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever,” said Jak.

cute fluffy kitten stretching paw
cute kitten about to yawn and stretch
cute fluffy fierce yawning stretching rescue kitten

Photos courtesy of ©Jak (Jak’s deviantART & flickr: Half.Jak).

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Cats are excellent yoga masters. They practice this ancient exercise on a daily basis. They stretch their torso, extend their arms, pull their upper body up or twist their body to achieve a level of precision that many people like us cannot compare to. [Also see Kittens Say Stretching is Hard Work]

Maybe the ancient yoga practitioners were inspired by their cats? It is highly probably since there are many shocking similarities between yoga and cat stretching poses. Check out the comparison pictures below and let me know what you think.