Gwinner The Miracle Kitty Found On Highway

This tiny kitty is a fighter who was found in the middle of a highway. When they brought him to the vet, they could feel every bone in his back. In the past 2 days, he went from dehydrated, listless and unable to see to moving and eating on his own. “Hard to believe that […]

Corky The Cat Born With Twisted Legs: Inspiration of Courage, Love & Determination

Meet Corky the Cradle Cat, from an abandoned deformed kitten to an inspiration of courage, love and determination. Here is his story: March 20th, 2012 CATS Cradle Shelter rescued a beautiful 7 month old kitten from the Moorhead Pound. “We were told by the staff at the pound that he was found dragging himself down […]

Daisy the Coyote Kitty and Her Amazing Transformation

This is Daisy, she is one of the 4 starving kitties survived a coyote attack and were taken in by the CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota. She was just 5 weeks old and weighed in only 6 ounces. “You can see by her bulging eye sockets and thinning hair that she would not […]

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