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Two grey fuzzballs were found in a barn by a kind person. Their stray mother left them there and never returned for them. But the two identical kitties’ lives turned around on the day they were brought to their forever loving home.

They may look very much alike, but they have totally different purrsonalities. “Linus is laidback and loves to stay warm and cozy and eats most foods presented to him. Ada is a lot more tense and alert, extremely eager to go outside with us almost regardless of weather, and very picky about food. Linus goes crazy for catnip, Ada usually doesn’t care much for it. Neither will come and sit on your lap, but they may well curl up next to you and hope for/expect/demand a cuddle,” said Jorunn, their human mom.

cute kittens snuggling cuddling rescues
Ada and Linus
cute kitten kisses and snuggles rescues
Big kiss
cute kittens snuggling sleeping
This is love ♥

They are all grown up now. Here is their full story and what they look like today. Photos courtesy of ©Jorunn D. Newth (flickr: andedam).

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Tigger and Casper (formerly named Einstein) are two peas in a pod. They can’t stand to be out of sight of each other. It’s getting closer to the day when they find their forever homes and it’s getting more difficult for their foster parents to say goodbye. They really hope they get adopted together. Aren’t they just meant to be together forever? :) (Update: Tigger and Casper have been adopted together by their foster parents!)

This is love

cute foster kittens kisses love bugs

Casper and Tigger

cute foster kittens cuddles snuggles love bugs

cute foster kittens play fight

Tigger and Casper were rescued by the Annex Cat Rescue when they were 5 weeks old. They are located in Toronto, Canada.

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More pictures of Tigger and Casper).


cute foster kittens snuggle in bed
7 fuzzballs
cute foster and rescue mama cat snuggles kiss
Unconditional love

A beautiful homeless cat found Deb at the beginning of May, 2007. She was meowing and crying outside her window for two days. “It seems like she adopted me,” says Deb who took the kitty into her home. She named her Blu which is quite fitting as she has a pair of gorgeous blue eyes.

Soon after she moved in, Deb realized that Blu’s tummy was

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cute cats cuddling snuggling
"Me cuddle you to sleep."

Jackie and Shadow have been best friends (click here to read their story) ever since they met at the shelter. They are not from the same litter, but they bonded so well that they couldn’t stand being away from each other. They always love to snuggle together when they sleep. One night I was working on my laptop and they were next to me napping. When I turned my head, I was completely sweetened by what I saw. Jackie was cuddling Shadow so tight it was simply too cute for words. I thought to myself that I must capture this precious moment. So I gingerly walked to fetch my camera and came back as quietly as possible. Luckily I didn’t wake them. Jackie even squeezed Shadow tighter while I was taking pictures. Hope you enjoy these photos. :)