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Thumper an adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn’t walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day.

“Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected… His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking.

Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running.”

WATCH VIDOE: Kitten can’t walk but learns with a walker

WATCH VIDEO: Thumper enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever loving home!

Thumper the wonder cat relearns to walk with a walker!

thumper the cat learned to walk with walker

After nine months of following Thumper’s progress, he has overcome his disability of Cerebellar Hypoplasia and now enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever home.

thumper the cat learns to walk again

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Tumbelina is a very special kitty. She has the will to move and run but not the ability, but that doesn’t stop her. Now she is learning how to get around despite her limitations thanks to a specially designed wheelchair.

Tumbelina has cerebellar hypoplasia according to Valley Cats Inc in Woodland Hills. The rescue organization saved Tumbelina from being put down.

Now she’s given a chance to move and walk around on her own thanks to the 4-wheel buggy. The next step is to find Timbelina a forever loving home.

Meet Tumbelina. She’s a very special cat who has the will to move but not the ability.

Four-Wheel Buggy Give Special-Needs Kitten Second Chance at Life

She has cerebellar hypoplasia but it does’t stop her.

Four-Wheel Buggy Give Special-Needs Kitten Second Chance at Life

They are determined to help Tumbelina walk on her own.

Four-Wheel Buggy Give Special-Needs Kitten Second Chance at Life

They custom designed a 4-wheel chair for Tumberlina

Four-Wheel Buggy Give Special-Needs Kitten Second Chance at Life
The four-wheel buggy will allow Tumbelina to propel herself forward without the help and support of her caregivers.

Four-Wheel Buggy Give Special-Needs Kitten Second Chance at Life


The next step is to find Tumbelina a forever loving home.

Source: KTLA5.

Meet Budd. He’s a ‘wobbly’ kitty, born unable to walk or stand, but Budd doesn’t want people to take pity on him. He is learning to walk, making a lot of progress and is the happiest he can be with his loving family. Budd doesn’t let anything slow him down.

Budd born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia was found at eight weeks old and brought to Cat Depot, a rescue center in Sarasota, Florida. His foster caregivers Jill, Kay and Jim helped him build muscle strength to walk in a custom made cart. They taught him how to eat from a bowl and use a litterbox on his own.

Budd, you are a Super Kitty in our eyes. Go Budd!

[Scroll down for video of Budd’s incredible progress]

Budd, the wobbly kitty, born unable to walk or stand, but he doesn’t let anything slow him down.

Budd Cerebellar Hypoplasia wobbly cat process to walk again

Budd has learned to walk in his custom made cart, eat from a bowl and use the litterbox on his own.

Budd Cerebellar Hypoplasia wobbly cat process to walk again

He’s been adopted by his foster family…

Budd Cerebellar Hypoplasia wobbly cat process to walk again

and is loved by so many including his best furiend.

Budd Cerebellar Hypoplasia wobbly cat process to walk again

WATCH VIDEO: Budd’s made incredible progress under the care of his loving family. 

Nothing can slow down Budd. He’s so happy that he’s got a second chance at life and a family that loves him to bits.

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Tippy, a happy kitty, wobbles when she walks, but she doesn’t let it stand in her way.

“Tippy instantly begins to purr as soon as you hold her!

Born in July 2011, Tippy is a beautiful Siamese mix with gorgeous blue eyes. She is VERY active and loves to play with any kind of toy…..for hours! But Tippy realizes she’s not quite like other cats. She was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes it hard for her to walk without tumbling along the way. But she’s a determined little girl, and even if she can’t walk or run like other cats, she manages to get where she wants to go and uses her litter box every time! Tippy is used to her condition and enjoys life, just the way it is.”

“Like other cats with this condition, Tippy is expected to live a normal lifespan and will learn to compensate somewhat for her disability. Despite her challenges, she’s a sweet and outgoing little girl who has a lot of love to give to that compassionate person who will love her back just as she is. Could you be the one to prove that love conquers all? Tippy sure hopes so!”

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Seven the kitten is a bit wobbly when she walks, but she’s so full of life. She’s one of the kittens fostered by this gentle dog buddy.

Story of Seven via YouTube:

“This little kitten is a fighter, and had already used two of her nine cat lives when she came to us, hence the name Seven. She was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is caused when the mama kitty gets infected with a virus while pregnant. Seven and her Mama were living as strays in deplorable conditions, and she was the only kitten in her litter to survive the first few weeks. Around 6 weeks of age, her mama kitty tried to relocate Seven to higher grounds, and unfortunately Seven lost her balance and took a wild tumble off the roof of a good samaritan. She was taken to the nearest vet, who immediately fell in love with her and wanted to help.

In fact, she has no idea she’s any different! She is able to eat, drink, and play like a normal kitty. She has a normal lifespan and requires no special medical care. Despite having a lot of balance issues, she has never missed the litterbox once. She is a very special kitty and deserves a second chance at life.”

Wobblepants is very special. He may be a little wobbly and clumsy, but nothing stops him. He is so happy and especially loves being with Murkin the dog, his best friend.



Mr. Wobblepants has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but this little guy loves life and has many furry friends and a forever home where he’s loved to bits.

Wobblepants the cat is spending nap time with his best friend Murkin the dog. Wobblepants has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but he is a very happy kitty and doesn’t think he is any different.

“Rupert Wobblepants is a very special kitten that Murkin and I adopted. He has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Its caused by a virus that infected his mother while she was pregnant, and it causes the cerebellum part of the brain to not develop properly. This causes the affected kittens to be clumsier than usual, but it causes them no pain.

He was originally found abandoned in a cardboard box in front of a cat clinic. A technician there with a warm heart bottle fed him and nursed him back to health. They were having a hard time finding him a home so they contacted me to see if I could help them spread the word about this special boy. I fell in love with him instantly,” said the human mom.