Kitty Born with Cleft Palate May Be A Therapy Cat

Lazarus is a special kitty born with a cleft palate. He has a unique look, and he is so loving that he may just be able to be a therapy cat. Lazarus was found malnourished in poor shape when he was wandering the streets in a neighborhood. Cindy Chamber, a special education faculty member at […]

Kitty with Cleft Palate in Good Hands

by Love Meow on Aug 15th, 2012 | 13 Comments on Kitty with Cleft Palate in Good Hands

His name is Oriole who was born last weekend to a rescue cat mama. Not only is he the only ginger in his litter, the little guy was born with a cleft palate, but luckily he is in good hands now. “I’ve had to take him from mom (he’ll aspirate her milk up his nose […]

Story of Elle the Kitty With One Eye and a Cleft Palate

Meet Elle! She has a cleft palate and one eye, but she is full of joy and love. Elle (formerly Tortellini) has come a long way. Her story began with being found by the animal control. “She had one of the worst eye infections I’ve ever seen,” said City Kitties, rescue group located in Philadelphia, […]

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