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cute rescued ginger cat cross eye
"Hai I am Jimi!"

Written by ©Kelli (flickr: browndog_09).

Jimi was born in June of 2006 in a feral/stray cat colony that was living behind a restaurant. A cat rescuer trapped him and brought him into the animal hospital where I was doing my internship during veterinary technician school. I was first captivated by his cute little crossed eyes, and then I got to know his sweet nature and just had to bring him home. His original name was “Lucky” but he really looked like a “Jimi” to me. He came home with me in December 2006 and fit right into my family, which included two other orange kitty boys.

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cute cross eyed kitten cat pic

Have you wondered why some cats seem to be cross eyed? Is it because they are concentrating on something a bit too intensely?

The cross-eyed condition (also called strabismus) is in fact mostly genetic. The muscles that attach directly to the eyeballs are not exactly of the same length on each opposite side.

When the eyeball moves, its motion is influenced by those small muscles. They position the eyeball to slide from top to bottom or side to side. However, in certain cases, one muscle may be longer or stronger than the one on the opposite side of the eye, this causes the eyeball to deviate off the correct direction. If the eyes deviate towards the nose, the cat is cross-eyed.