Cocomo the Cross Eyed Cat

by Love Meow on Jan 31st, 2013 | 8 Comments on Cocomo the Cross Eyed Cat

Cocomo is a sweet 3 year old kitty who has eyes that she can’t uncross, but that makes her extra special and super adorable. She always looks curious about things and stares at them while investigating. Cocomo looks intensively You just can’t say no to that. “I caught it!” Despite her crossed eyes, Cocomo is […]

Cross-eyed Cat Strays into Forever Home

She is a bit cross-eyed with a fun and quirky purrsonality. This gorgeous kitty is a heart melter. It is hard to believe that she was once a stray cat, wandering around the street. “We found her outside homeless,” wrote Leesh via reddit. Today she has a place she calls home. A bit cross-eyed, but […]

Owen the Cross Eyed Kitty: Then & Now

Owen was born with slightly crossed eyes. When he came to his new home at 8 weeks old, he always put on that attentive look when he looked at things. “I was told it would even itself out. Clearly, that didn’t happen. He doesn’t have any problems with his vision. He can actually see just […]

Cross Eyed Cats

by Love Meow on Jan 31st, 2010 | 8 Comments on Cross Eyed Cats

Have you wondered why some cats seem to be cross eyed? Is it because they are concentrating on something a bit too intensely? The cross-eyed condition (also called strabismus) is in fact mostly genetic. The muscles that attach directly to the eyeballs are not exactly of the same length on each opposite side. When the eyeball […]

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