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Mercury the 2 legged cat demands love and cuddles when his dad gets home from work. This is just adorable!

WATCH VIDEO: “When his dad gets home from work he is greeted by the kitties and dogs all wanting some attention. This is Mercury demanding his share.”

Mercury, an amazing kitten with no front legs, absolutely loves life. See Mercury’s story.

Mercury the Kitten Has No Front Legs But Gets Around

Seven very fluffy kittens came to their foster home not too long ago. These little ones have a lot of growing to do. Meet the Bunny Cats.

“Three girls, four boys, about a month old. They are Manx kittens,” the foster mom wrote via instagram.

Felix the resident cat is helping his mom to babysit the kitties.

WATCH VIDEO: Seven fluffy Manx kitties having their first Christmas at their foster home.

It’s a snuggle fest. All seven kittens and their babysitter Felix the cat (the one with a fluffy tail).

7 manx foster kittens snuggle sleep

WATCH VIDEO: It’s hard to tell where Felix ends and Sawyer begins.

Spooning Level: Expert.

7 manx foster kittens snuggling sleeping

WATCH VIDEO: Sleepy Bunny Cats.

The kitties love their foster dad Felix.

7 manx foster kittens

Seven purr motors purring away.

7 manx foster kittens napping by fire place

Follow these kitties at @foster_kittens.

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He said he wasn’t a cat person. This happened after they adopted Omar the cat.

“My fiancé isn’t a cat person, but eventually agreed we could get one. Days later I keep finding Omar and my SO like this. I think Omar is fitting in just fine,” said Omar’s human mom via reddit.

“Every once in a while when I see him baby talk with Omar or give him kisses.”

adopted cat cuddling with human

adopted cat cuddling with human


Photos via reddit.