Stray Cat And Blind Duck Become Friends

A little stray kitten befriended a blind duck who took a liking to the little ginger boy and gave him a bath. “Frack (our blind-thinks she is a pet duck) has taken a liking to the stray kitty and vice versa,” wrote Laura on flickr. “This little kitty was found crying in an alley… It […]

True Friends Always Stick Together

by Love Meow on Dec 13th, 2013 | 5 Comments on True Friends Always Stick Together

Poppe the Siberian Cat and Tibbe the Swedish Cockapoo are partners in crime. They always have each other no matter what. Who says cats and dogs can’t get along? They love to play in the snow together. Poppe leads the way. They play in the garden together. Many antics are made. They always have each […]

9 Stages Of Browsing The Internet With A Cat

Meet Thor the cat who loves to sit on his roommate’s chest when she gets on her laptop. As he grows, his chest perching habit never goes away. 1. The discovery: Thor discovers his new perching place when the human gets on her computer. 2. Perfect snugging 3. Shoulder rest: trying different perching areas on […]

Bowser The Majestic Beast

by Love Meow on Nov 24th, 2013 | 11 Comments on Bowser The Majestic Beast

Meet Bowser the cat who has a pair of fierce and majestic looking eyes and quite a purrsonality. “I am an old angry man trapped in a cat’s body. I spend my days sleeping, eating frosted flakes, breaking things, making the foulest smelling poops you’ve ever encountered, and spilling my water bowl,” says Bowser on […]

Pippa The Kitten Grown Up To Be Beautiful Cat

Pippa the cat has grown into her big adorable ears that she had when she was a kitten. Today she’s a beautiful lady cat, and her tail has bloomed. Meet Pippa, a tiny kitten with two large ears. She’s grown into those big adorable ears and her tail has bloomed! Then and now! Photos via […]

Toco The Cat And His Human: Growing Up Together

A tabby cat and his little human have been together since they were babies. The two share a very special friendship and are completely inseparable. The parents have documented their special bond on instagram. It’s evident that kitty loves his little human and the little girl adores her furry best friend. Toco and his little human when […]

Tortie Cat Strays Into Soldier’s Heart

A tortie cat strayed into a soldier’s heart when he was deployed in Afghanistan. After treating her for a cut, he knew that he couldn’t part with her. Bryant Smith wrote: “Crackers started coming around our building in Jan 2012. Poor thing was skin and bones, so I started feeding her when I saw her. […]

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