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Maus the kitty met Dominic for the first time after he was born. From that day on, he knew the little baby would become his best friend for life. This is how their friendship began.

cute baby and feline cat friend
Best buddies
cute one month baby and cat buddy
When Dominic was 1 month old, Maus looked huge compared to the baby
cute 3 month old baby and cat buddy
Dominic 3 months old, Maus was right by his side

Dominic’s mom Beth N. documented this adorable bond between Maus and the baby on her flickr. Maus watched his human buddy grow and learn to crawl and walk and is always there to keep him company. This series of 12 photos may just send you into a diabetic coma.

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We are happy to learn that Maru, Pokke, Meme and the Momo rescue group are safe after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Also, we just got a message from Poteto‘s dad that they are doing fine. We are still trying to contact Shironeko, we just got an update that he and his family are safe!. We are sending our prayers and purrs to all the furry friends and people in Japan. Our hearts go out to them.

Edit: Power is out in many places in Japan including where Maru resides, but they are doing fine.

Updates from ARK, an animal rescue group in Japan.

The cat island also named Tashirojima is near Sendai – [edit] we just received updates regarding the island. We are praying that all the cats knew it ahead of time and made it to safe places.

You can help by visiting Red Cross.

cute maru in a cat carrier
cute pokke scottish fold hides under desk during earthquake
Pokke took refuge under the desk during the earthquake

cute rescued ginger cat cross eye
"Hai I am Jimi!"

Written by ©Kelli (flickr: browndog_09).

Jimi was born in June of 2006 in a feral/stray cat colony that was living behind a restaurant. A cat rescuer trapped him and brought him into the animal hospital where I was doing my internship during veterinary technician school. I was first captivated by his cute little crossed eyes, and then I got to know his sweet nature and just had to bring him home. His original name was “Lucky” but he really looked like a “Jimi” to me. He came home with me in December 2006 and fit right into my family, which included two other orange kitty boys.

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cute munchkin cream tabby kitten standing cat pic

© flickr/babykailan

Do you remember the kitty that is often compared to the Puss in Boots – aka the real life Puss in Boots? Today we will unravel the identity of this lovely kitty and his equally famous brother, an orange Scottish Fold who also had a famous picture that many netizens have seen and loved.

The real life Puss in Boots is named Beibei, a cream tabby Munchkin who loves to stand up to survey the area. His innocent look is shockingly similar to the one Puss in Boots from the hit animation Shrek. Beibei’s owner, Jimmy Leo, has taken numerous pictures of this beautiful little guy. You can check them out below.

orphan kitten

Roeselien Raimond, an avid photographer who is also a huge cat lover, enjoys her pastime taking photographs of feral cats. She has made friends with many feral kitties including some in various places such as Greece.

An orphan tabby baby kitten was given to her and her boyfriend by a cleaning lady while they were on their summer vacation. The kitten was crying and Roeselien felt she had to do something about it. They took the kitten to two different veterinarians and both advised them to bottle feed the kitten every 3 hours, bring her back to the vet monthly and not to take her on a plane because the kitten might not be able to handle it in that condition. Roeselien tried to feed the kitten around the clock, but the little one rejected it every time. They were extremely desperate. [Also see story: Mel’s beloved kittens]

This is the most heart-warming series that will make you say awww and contort your face into the look that you get when you see cute things. It is cheering, touching and simply adorable. If you had a bad day, these photos would bring sunshine to your life. I call it the perfect stress reliever.