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Neptune is a lovely Himalayan kitty who loves to sleep with his tongue sticking out :). According to his hooman Tammy HaQuang, Neptune is about 3 years old and is very smart. “He fetches and can hunt out his favorite toys from the most remote places of the house. Tuney loves to stick his tongue out which is good because his mouth is much too small to keep it in.”

Photos courtesy of ©Tammy HaQuang.

cute silly himalayan cat neptune tongue sticks out
So much cuteness

Scroll down to see more photos of Neptune:

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cute himalayan cat pic

If you like fluffy, silly, jumpy kitties, you would love this cat. :)

The Seal Point Himalayan Kitten, Dimitri, just being silly Dimitri. Dimitri could also make me laugh with his little performances. He was having some fun jumping that day. I hope Dimitri’s jumping skills makes you laugh. He was a bit clumsy.” -Dimitri’s mom.

Click play to watch the video: