Foster Kitten And Golden Retriever – Inseparable Friends

A foster kitten is taken in by a Golden Retriever. He thinks the big dog is his new mom. “Pete (the kitten) is one of three brothers we are currently fostering and this is the first week they got to meet my golden, Daisy! The other two want nothing to do with Daisy but Pete […]

Blind Kitten Healing Thanks To Saving Grace

Tiny Schmoo came to Saving Grace Rescue Inc unable to see due to an eye infection, but the little calico is now healing and beginning to see more. Saving Grace Rescue Inc put her on treatment to help alleviate the pain and her eyes to heal. Though she’s still partially blind, she’s healing and getting […]

3 Day Old Orphan Kitten Gets A Brand New Life

A tiny kitten whose eyes weren’t even opened was saved by a kind person who saw something moving in a bag and found the little guy abandoned inside. “At 3 days old he was placed in a bag and tossed from a window at a stop sign. The person behind the evil doer saw the […]

Kitten Fills Loneliness In Man’s Heart

A father saw all his children leave one by one for college. The house became so quiet and different without all the people around until one day a cat came into his life and brought the kind of love that only his family could give. “My dad has been lonely since the kids went to […]

Foster Kitten And Her Little Human

by Love Meow on Oct 28th, 2013 | 5 Comments on Foster Kitten And Her Little Human

Trillian the foster kitten found her little human friend. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship… Trillian the kitten and her little human Kaspar “I think the baby needs something…” Sniff sniff “He needs a cuddle.”  Best of friends! Watch video: Trillian is currently being fostered by Kimberly Jennery of Bitten By A Kitten Rescue (Follow their […]

Stray Kitten Wanders Into A Man’s Life

A tiny stray kitten wandered into a man’s life last night. “He’s growing on me… or just permanently attached to my shoulder,” said Philldaagony of reddit. “We alerted the neighbors and put up a few signs this morning. His first vet visit is tomorrow.” For now, the kitten has claimed the man and settled comfortably […]

Kittens Saved And Adopted By Firefighters

The Chili Fire Department firefighters heard kittens’ cry during a daytime drill on their training grounds. Immediately, they went on an investigation to trace the source of the cry. They discovered six tiny kittens about 4-5 weeks old in a car that had been previously cut to shreds. No one knows how the kittens ended […]

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