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Pink was given a second chance when he met Jennifer Pountney’s daughter who works at a vet clinic. “Pink was the result of a difficult birth at my daughters vet clinic,” said Jennifer. They were not sure if he would make it, but Jennifer’s daughter had a feeling that somehow he would pull through, so she brought him home with her. Pink who was named after the singer became the only survivor in his litter. “The mother cat did not want him back, so I hand reared him which was quite an experience,” said Jennifer.

To Pink it was a happy story from that point on. He grew up with all sorts of furry friends – other cats, dogs, horses, sheep and even poultry. “He has a fascination with water and is constantly entertaining. He loves to accompany me around our rural property, and to go for walks…. If I sneak off walking without him he screams blue murder until he catches up! He loves his fake fur blanket more than anything,” Jennifer added.

The little fighter has touched everyone’s heart in his forever home. He thinks he is the happiest kitty in the world.

cute rescue british shorthair kitten
Eyes haven't opened yet.
cute fuzzy british shorthair rescue kitten
Eyes open to see the world for the first time
cute british shorthair rescue kitten and toy
Pink and his cuddly friend

Thanks ©Jennifer Pountney and her family for giving Pink a second chance at life. Here are more pictures of Pink and what he looks like today. Isn’t he a handsome boy?

Cats never cease to amaze us at how loving and affectionate they are. When Anfisa (tabby) met Bandik (Siamese), they took to each other and became best friends despite age and size. They always have each other when they need a cuddle or somebody to snuggle with.

cute kitten hugs kitty friend
cute kitty best friends
"You need a bath!"
cute furry kitty best friends cuddling
This is love

Thanks  Konstantin M. for these adorable pictures. More photos of the two love bugs:

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Meoawwwww! What’s more precious than having a tiny bitty fuzzball fall asleep in your hand? Those teeny toesies are grabbing onto your finger, cuddling your hand to sleep.

cute precious bundle of joy new born kitten
cute baby ginger kitten sleeping in hand

Kudos to Babe for the lovely photos.