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Doufu (or Tofu) was found along with his two siblings in a garden. Their mother cat never came back for them, so Liz took them into her home. Doufu was the largest and the strongest kitty. Before his eyes were even opened, he couldn’t wait to climb out of his bed to stretch his little legs. This white wee kitty was hand reared, and within days, he grew leaps and bounds.

Doufu has come a long way from a tiny baby kitten who was fighting to survive to a happy and playful mischief maker who absolutely loves life.

cute itty bitty tiny white kitten
Tiny bundle of joy, second day after the rescue
cute rescue white kitten
At week 3, Doufu learns to explore and discover new things
cute rescue white kitten smile at camera
2 months after the rescue, Doufu has become a happy, playful little kitty

Kudos to Liz Phung for giving Doufu a forever loving home. Meow!

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Kinako is a big sleeper. According to her human dad, Usagichan, she is always sleepy, and can fall asleep anywhere at anytime as she wishes. When she is not sleeping, she clings to her dad and wants his love and attention. What’s the oddest place that your kitty has napped in?

cute kitten hanging onto dad's clothes
When Kinako is awake, she clings to her dad.
cute kitten sleeping with cuddly friend toy
When she is asleep, she can snooze anywhere at anytime
cute kitten suckling on dad's finger while falling asleep
Kinako is interrupted by a nap... Zzzz...

Love your kitty ©Usagichan. Here are more photos:

Update: Amerigo and Adagio have found their forever loving home. Meow!

Amerigo the foster kitty is ready for a new adventure in life. This little poly boy is still looking for a home. He and his sister Adagio want to be adopted together since they are inseparable. Both of them have big paws with many adorable toesies which make them extra cute!

cute poly foster kitten
Amerigo when he was only 19 days old
cute foster polydactyl kitten
Amerigo today, big fluffy paws!

Amerigo and his sister are located in New Prague, Minnesota. Here are more adorable pictures of Amerigo the poly boy:

Kotetsu the ginger boy is a riot when he plays. Ever since he came to his forever home, he has not stopped finding new things to play with. The little mischief maker keeps his dad entertained with his daily antics. He is curious and wants to know everything that his human dad is doing. He doesn’t stop until he has used the last ounce of his energy in playing, then he will pass out in his bed and snooze for hours.

Kotetsu’s moto is play hard and sleep hard with lots of good food in between.

cute playful kitten peekaboo
cute feisty ginger kitten bites newspaper
Kotetsu is not a fan of the advertisements
cute ginger kitten catches ball
"This ball is MINE!"

Thanks Yoppy for taking Kotetsu into his loving home. Kotetsu was rescued along with his two siblings. Thanks to the rescuer who

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When Snowball came to her new home, she was introduced to Babykitty, a slightly older housemate. After a few sniffs, Babykitty invited Snowball into her little castle (treehouse). They immediately bonded. “They’re pretty adorable together. They curl up in the cat bed and the treehouse for naps, and they play-fight,” said Sean Dreilinger.

cute white fuzzy kitten meets tabby cat
Snowball and Babykitty
cute kittens joins tabby cat in cat tree
Babykitty invites Snowball into her treehouse
cute snuggly kitty best friends
cute white kitten snuggling with tabby cat
Best friends

cute snuggly kitty best friends

cute furry kitty best friends

cute white kitten snuggling with tabby cat

Thanks ©Sean Dreilinger for these beautiful photos. Snowball and Babykitty have become each other’s best friend. These 7 pictures of them are too cute for words! :)

Owen came to a shelter in Brooklyn, New York along with his sister Alisha and joined four grey orphan kittens and one ginger kitty who was later adopted. Owen couldn’t wait to grow up. He loved his bottles and always let you know what he wanted.

Today this beautiful furry baby has found his human to come home with. Laura fell in love with him at first sight. Owen has gained a permanent home, a human mom who loves him and spoils him to bits and a furry friend who is like a big sister to him. “He’s been great since the day I got him. I’ve never had a cat so lovable, I swear sometimes I think that he thinks I’m his mother, he’s never very far behind me,” said Laura.

cute rescue kitten owen meowing
Little Owen
cute kitten owen found forever home
A month later, at his forever loving home!

Thanks ©Laura for the lovely photos. Kudos to ©Lisa V. for what she does for our furry friends. These 7 photos of Owen will bring a smile to your face :).

Written by Sally, Nala’s human mom.

When we first got Nala she was very scared, and wasn’t sure how to use her legs. She’s been in a cage in the rescue centre with her mum and siblings and had never really run around. It was amazing watching her find out how to jump, run and play! She has certainly got the hang of it now though!

Nala is the cheekiest kitten i’ve ever met, our two older cats haven’t taken to her, but she tries! She doens’t pounce on them or anything silly like that, she just follows them around the house waiting for their approval!

cute rescue calico kitten sleepy time
Nala the sweetie
cute rescue calico kitten stretching out paw

She turned 8 weeks old on Monday, and her character is getting bigger and bigger every day. She has just learnt to pounce at our faces! We’re all covered in scratches from Nala climbing up us!

We’ve had to teach her how to eat solids, and she took to it really well. We also litter trained her, and she was very intelligent with that too! When we leave the room she fills the house with her very loud meow. Even the vet said