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Koko and All Ball

Koko, the first gorilla that uses sign language to communicate with people, has fostered many feline friends in her life. Her first feline buddy, All Ball, a lovely kitten she named because she looked like a ball to her.

A few weeks ago Koko was introduced to several lovely kittens from the Humane Society.

Koko has always been very affectionate toward kittens (remember All Ball on the 1985 cover of National Geographic) and still entertains them as guests from time to time. In this clip she receives a visit from 5 kittens (thanks to the San Francisco Peninsula Humane Society).
She picks a winner (“Tigger”), but will she invite Tigger to stay

Click play to watch this cute video:

cute ragdoll kitten cat pic

My friend Sazzabell has two beautiful kitties. One of them is getting a little bit cranky lately.

“My ragdoll cat Monni is a hissy pants evil kitty! She is still cute at the same though! Monni is displaying her normal diva behaviour [not provoked or hurt], as she hisses at the drop of a hat! Most of the time she gets along with the other cat, Jake & Dog, Billy!”

Click play to check out this video:

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