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cute rescued ginger cat Francis rolling on his back
Francis the rescue. Garfield face :).

Written by ©Kelli (flickr: browndog_09).

I adopted Francis from the Kent County SPCA in Delaware in October of 2005. I was there doing my required work hours for school and noticed this cute little 6 month old kitten in a corner cage. I spent a good part of the day playing with him and carrying him around. He was just like a Ragdoll, so relaxed and comfortable even while surrounded by rows of barking dogs in kennels. I knew that I had to bring this cat into my family!

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cute rescued tabby cat loves sink
Pashmina, the bathroom princess

Pashmina was wandering on the street on a Sunday night, hoping to get something to eat at the nearby restaurants. When she first met Giane Portal and her boyfriend, they were on their way to a birthday dinner. As soon as they sat down at a pizza place in the outdoor area, the tabby cat came to greet them by jumping on their lap :).

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cute fluffy ginger and white cat rule the roost

Pudgy is quite a character. He often helps mommy, Molly, with her paper works by sitting on them on the desk. He never uses his own beds, instead he sleeps anywhere he likes whether it is a laundry basket, the television or mom’s bed.

Pudgy wakes up his mom early in the morning to tell her it’s time for breakfast. Sometimes he will wait by the pillow and occasionally falls asleep right next to it.

I am a sucker for these things that my cat Jackie does. I fall for them every time. It almost seems like he knows how to train me to do things for him. Cats are smart, aren’t they? (check out Jackie’s rescue story).

What does your kitty do that makes you give in every time?

Check out Jackie’s blog at

When Jackie wants to be pampered, he does this:

cute fluffy cat surrenders
"I surrender! You can rub my belly and underarms now!"

When Jackie wants noms, he gives me “the stand.”