These 3 Kittens Napping with Their Dog Buddy. I Can’t Handle the Cute!

by Love Meow on Feb 18th, 2015 | no comment »

These kittens and their dog buddy are snuggling up in a cuddle puddle for a nap. I think it just broke the cuteometer!

Orphan Kittens Nursing on Dog who Starts Producing Milk for the Babies, Warms Our Hearts!

by Love Meow on Feb 17th, 2015 | 1 Comment

A litter of orphaned kittens were rescued in the woods. When Shannon William’s daughter brought them home, their Boston Terrier began to nurse them despite not having been pregnant. The kittens were found outside, cold and wet, when they were about a week old. Memory the dog used to be afraid of cats, but took in […]

This Rescued Kitten Pancho Loves his New Sibling, a Pomeranian

by Love Meow on Feb 14th, 2015 | Comments Off

Pancho the rescue kitten is smitten by a Pomeranian. “After being abandoned by his mother, Pancho the kitten was found alone and with his eyes closed. He was taken in by this caring family, who fed and nursed him to the healthy kitten he is today! While living in his new home, the fearless kitten […]

Pudditat the Cat Becomes the Eyes for a Blind Dog. It’s An Unbreakable Furry Bond

by Love Meow on Feb 9th, 2015 | 1 Comment

Pudditat the cat adopts Tervel, a blind and partially deaf dog, and guides him everywhere. WATCH VIDEO: It’s a remarkable friendship.

Kitten Demands to Play While Dog Tries to Enjoy Her Bone

by Love Meow on Feb 4th, 2015 | Comments Off

Myles the kitty demands play time while Mia the dog is trying to enjoy her bone.

Cat Gets Comfortable on a Husky Bed

by Love Meow on Feb 2nd, 2015 | Comments Off

Farina the cat gives Maeby the husky a quick massage before turning the dog into the ultimate cozy warm bed.

Fuego the Ginger Kitten Finds a New Mom Luna the Dog

by Love Meow on Jan 26th, 2015 | 1 Comment

Fuego the ginger kitten found a new mom Luna the dog. When the kitten met the gentle Great Pyrenees at his new home, he immediately clung to her like family. [Scroll down for video] It is a definite bond. Fuego likes to snuggle with Luna’s big fluffy tail. or anywhere that he can snug into. Luna is a caring mom to […]

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