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Shelter cats from Animal Friends Niigata (Animal Friends Japan, part of JEARS) in Japan brought love and warmth to a sick rescue dog as she slowly worked her way back to health.

“Nellie had been lying, unable to move, by the side of the road for two days before being taken in to the hokenjo,” said the shelter on Facebook. After the needed bath and treatment, the shelter cats came to Nellie and thought she needed company.

They continued to accompany the sick dog until she was brought back to health. Having the kitties there might just be the thing that helped her through it. Today Nellie is fully recovered and found her forever home according to the shelter.

Nellie fell asleep in her bowl while she was eating, and some of her feline friends joined her!

After the bath and treatment, kitties came to offer some love and comfort.

Word spread quickly amongst the cats – sick doggie in need of kitty love! [JEARS]

Photos by Animal Friends Niigata (Animal Friends Japan) and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Two little feral kittens were found by a dog and a group of men who went camping over the weekend. “The dog was running around the boat like crazy whimpering and I couldn’t figure out why,” said the dog owner via imgur.

“She went in to investigate more closely.” Then what she discovered were two tiny kittens, hiding under the boat by themselves. The Coonhound/Lab mix dog became very motherly to the kittens, grooming and soothing them while the men started thinking what they should do to help the kittens.

“We waited around for the mother for quite a while. There was no sign of her. They were feral and we were worried that they might not make it through the cold weather and with winter just around the corner. We took them to a vet and are following instructions to make sure they are properly taken care of. I know it would have probably been better to leave them for the mother, we couldn’t just leave them there with the other things in mind. My friends who are holding them in the pictures are keeping them,” he wrote via reddit.

The dog started running around the boat…

dog finds feral kittens under boat

Then they discovered these 2 tiny kittens underneath…

dog finds feral kittens under boat

The dog became very motherly to them

dog finds feral kittens under boat

dog finds feral kittens under boat

dog finds feral kittens under boat

Two men that day found their new kittens:

Simba the ginger was abandoned in the dangerous outdoors. The little guy was tiny with an eye infection. But his life was changed thanks to a good Samaritan who found him and brought him into her home where he met his life long canine friend.

This is his path to wellness with his best friend.

Simba getting his belly filled the first time

cute rescue ginger kitten bottle feeding

Simba introduced to his canine friend

cute rescue ginger kitten meets dog friend

They became best friends

cute rescue ginger kitten meets dog friend

Still inseparable today

cute rescue ginger cat meets dog friend

Photos by boomcatlady.

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Flickr: Buckeye Beth

A cheetah cub and a black mixed pup became best buddies at the Cincinnati Zoo. Cali, the puppy was adopted to help raise Nia, the cheetah. Nia’s two other siblings did not survive, leaving Nia alone by herself. The zoo tried to find a simliar sized and aged animal that could be her substitute sibling in order to provide Nia the proper socialization that is so crucial for her physical and mental development.

Though big cats and domestic dogs are very different, as they grow up together, they learn from each other’s habits and communicate in a way that works for both species. Wild animals need to have the opportunities to play rough with their peers in order to become “successful adults.” Cali plays an important role in Nia’s upbringing besides being the best buddy she has ever had.