Jackie and Shadow, the 2 cats we adopted 2 weeks ago were infected with ear mites. Shadow’s condition was not too bad at all, but Jackie was showing a lot of signs such as scratching and shaking his head. We had Jackie’s ears treated at the vet, but the follow-up work became crucial in order to make sure the ear mites were thoroughly eradicated and would not reoccur.

We have purchased 3 different ear cleaning solutions for the 3 guys. Flip does not have any issues with his ears, so preventative care will suffice. We have got him an ear cleansing solution from Nutri-Vet. It is veterinarian formulated with aloe vera. Jackie and Shadow need something that can kill ear mites, so we have got Lambert Kay’s Ear-Rite Miticide for cats & kittens at Petsmart.

Before you use the solution to clean your cat’s ears, inspect the inside of the ears and locate the areas where ear mites or dirt reside.

If you are going to do it on the floor, place your cat in between your legs, have your cat face away from you. That way if your cat wants to back away, it will back away into you. You can utilize your legs to gently secure the cat, so your cat will not jump out during the process. If you are going to do it on a table, use the same technique to have your cat face away from you. Instead of using your legs, drape your arms across the cat’s body to secure the cat’s position. Hold the cat’s head with your left hand, press the ear flap against the head, so the ear canal is open.

Since you have checked the ears, you know where the problem spots are. Use a cotton ball, wet it with an ear solution. It’s important to clean out all the gunk before medicating the ear canal.